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Apulu (Apollo of Veii) from the roof of the Portonaccio temple,ca. 510-500 BCE, Veii, Italy
Tomb of Hunting and Fishing, ca. 530-520 BCE
Tarquinia, Italy
Porta Marzia (Gate of Mars), 100s BCE
Aule Metelle
Early 1st Century BCE
Cortona, Lake Trasimeno, Italy
Portrait of Augustus as general, Primaporta, Italy
ca. 20 BCE
Triumph of Titus (Relief panel from
the Arch of Titus), after 81 ce.
Rome, Italy
Pantheon, 118-125 CE, Rome,
Romano-Egyptian Mummy Portraits of boy Eutyches, freeman of Kasanios, A.D. 100-150
Hawara (Faiyum), Egypt,
Encaustic on wood
Silver Coin of Constantine, ca. 315 ce.
Interior of synagogue, Dura-Europos, with wall paintings of Old Testament themes, ca. 245-256
Tempera on plaster.
Hagia Sophia, 532-537
By Anthemius of Tralles and Isidorus of Miletus, Constantinople (Istanbul), Turkey
Justinian as World Conquerer
mid-sixth century
Louvre, Paris
Justinian mosaic
San Vitale, Ravenna,Italy
Dome of the rock
687 - 692 CE
Timberframe dome, marbled columns
Baptistere De Saint Louis
Muhammad ibn al-Zayn
Brass, inlaid with gold and silver
Malwiya Minaret
848 - 852 CE
Samarra, Iraq
Great Mosque of Cordoba
848 - 852 CE
Shield Jaguar and Lady Xoc
Ca. 725 CE
Yaxchilian Stele from temple 23, Mexico,
Tikal Temple I (Temple of the Giant Jaguar)
732 CE
Tikal, Guatemala, Mexico
City of King Pacal
Ca. 500 - 900 CE
Palenque, Chiapas
Ball player
Ca. 700 - 900 CE
Jaina Island Mexico
Pakal's sarcophagus lid
Equestrian figure on fly-whisk hilt
9th to 10th century ce.
Igbo Ukwu, Nigeria
Copper alloy bronze
Great Mosque of Djenne
begun 1200s, rebuilt 1906-1907.
Djenne, Mali
Waist pendant of a Queen Mother
ca. 1520
Benin, Nigeria
Salt Cellar
ca. 1490-1540
Sapi-Portuguese, Sierra Leone
Master of the Symbolic Execution
Viking ship burial
ca. 815-820
Oseberg, Norway
High cross of Muiredach
Monasterboice, Ireland
Chi-rho-iota page, folio 34 recto of the Book of Kells
Late 8th or 9th century
Iona, Scotland
Bernward Doors
1015 CE
Bishop Bernward of Hildesheim
Hildesheim, Germany
Christ in Majesty, Saint-Sernin
ca. 1096
Toulouse, France
Head Reliquary of Saint Alexander
By Stevelot Abbey
Folio 4 verso of the Moralia in Job
Citeaux, France
Moses Expounding the Law, folio 94 recto of the Bury Bible
Ca. 1135
from Bury Saint Edmunds, England
Chartres cathedral
Virgin and Child and Angels from Our Lady of the beautiful window
God as architect of the world from the Bible Moralisee
ca. 1220-1230
Paris France
Annunciation and Visitation jamb statues
ca. 1230-1255
Reims, France
Triumph of death

Buonamico Bufallmacco

Camposanto, Pisa
Death imagery capture horror force confront mortality

Young aristocrats coffins
Saint macarius folly pleasure inevitable of death
Subtle Dominican message greed and lust
Peaceful City from Effects of good Government on the country
Siena, Italy
Ambrogio lorenzetti
1st accurate panorama since antiquity

Good commerce and economic

Allegory of good Government in Republic
Pulpit of Pisa Cathedral Baptistery

By Nicola Pisano
Medieval - trefoil arches lions
Classical - relief panel - annunciation
Roman sarcophagi
Panel from the Saint Francis Altarpiece

1235, Pescia, Italy

By Bonaventura Berlinghieri
- frontal, mandola, modelling

Gold leaf

6 narrative scenes
Stigmata preaching healing
Illuminated manuscript