BIO Test 1 Module 3

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What domains contains organisms that lack membrane-bound organelles?
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What contains DNA or RNA surrounded by a protein capsid but lacks metabolic activity?VirusWhat group of organisms refers exclusively to multicellular eukaryotic autotrophs?PlantsThese long whip-like structures aid cell movement and are found in sperm?FlagellaWhat organelle contains strong digestive enzymes?LysosomeWhat group of organisms refers exclusively to multicellular eukaryotic heterotrophs?AnimalsThis structure supports, strengthens, protects and helps keep water in a plant cellCentral VacuoleWhat is the long threadlike molecule in the nucleus that carries the genetic information of a cellChromatinThese short hair-like structures beat in rows and often move materials over a cellCiliaWhat organelle makes proteinsRibosomesWhat causes diseases such as cold sores, shingles, measles, colds, SARS, MERS, ebola and AIDS?VirusesWhat 2 structures aid in cellular movement?Flagella and CiliaWhat entity inserts its genetic material into another's cell's DNAVirusesWhat domain includes organisms responsible for N-fixation and the production of many foods such as cheese, yogurt, and alcoholic beveragesArchae-BacteriaWhat groups of organisms play a major role in decomposing dead organic matter?FungiWhat organelle processes and packages proteins, lipids and other molecules for export out of the cell?GolgiWhat organelle is composed or protein tubes and filaments that provide an internal framework for a cell?CytoskeletonWhat group contains a "mixed bag" of eukaryotic microorganisms with a wide variety of characteristics?ProtistsWhat domain includes organisms known to live in extreme environments?ArchaeaWhat causes Mad Cow's Disease and KURU?PrionsPopular anti-depressants known as SSRIs inhibit what process in cells?EndocytosisWhat process enables a cell to engulf large particles ("cell eating")?PhagocytosisWhat process allows small non-polar molecules such as O2 and CO2 to passively cross a cell membrane?Simple DiffusionWhat process refers to the diffusion of water molecules across a cell membrane?OsmosisHormones such as insulin bind to what type of molecules on the cell membrane?Receptor proteinsWhat molecule in the cell membrane regulates the membrane's fluidity?CholesterolWhat process enables a cell to engulf small molecules in solution ("cell drinking")?PinocytosisInsulin and neurotransmitters are released from cells through what process?ExocytosisThe interior of a cell membrane is..hydrophobicWhat type of molecules on the cell membrane are involved in autoimmune diseases and organ rejection?recognition proteinsWhat process uses energy and proteins as "pumps" to move large/charged materials across a cell membrane?Active TransportWhat process allows materials such as glucose to diffuse passively across the cell membrane through protein channels or pores?Facilitated Diffusion