American Revolution Vocab & Key People


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Battle of Kettle Creek
(February 14, 1779)-Small Revolutionary War battle in Georgia where patriot forces, led by Elijah Clarke, defeated 600 loyalist; one of the few patriot victories in the state.
Boston Tea Party
an act of protest that occurred in Boston, Massachusetts, on December 16, 1773; a group of colonists dressed as Indians dumped 342 chests of tea in Boston Harbor to protest the Tea Act. Due to this action, the British instituted the Intolerable Acts to punish the colonists for their actions.
Declaration of Independence
three part document that discusses natural rights, explains the wrongs committed by King George, and offers an official declaration of independence from England.
First Continental Congress
(1774)-the first convention of delegates from 12 of the 13 colonies that gathered to discuss the colonists' reaction to the Intolerable Acts. Decided to boycott British goods & pledge military support to Massachusetts if attacked by Great Britain.
Intolerable Acts
a group of five acts issued by the British Parliament designed to punish the Massachusetts colony for the Boston Tea Party.
Liberty Boys
the Georgia chapter of the Sons of Liberty; established in protest of the Stamp Act.
colonists who were loyal to Great Britain.
a colonist who wanted to become independent from Great Britain.
Proclamation of 1763
royal proclamation that forbade English colonists from settling newly acquired land west of the Appalachian Mountains.
the beginning of a document that explains why the document exists. In the case of the Declaration of Independence the preamble explains natural rights.
Siege of Savannah
a failed attempt by the French and Americans to recapture Savannah during the Revolution.
Sons of Liberty
group established by Sam Adams in Boston, Massachusetts, to protest the Stamp Act and other English taxes.
Stamp Act
(1765)- an act established by the British government to help repay the cost of the French and Indian War. This act was one of the first direct taxes placed on the colonies by the British Government causing much protest amongst the colonists. The act, which placed a tax on all legal documents, newspapers, and other paper products, was repealed in 1766.
another term for a loyalist
Elijah Clarke
(1742-1799)- Lieutenant Colonel of patriot forces who led the victory at the Battle of Kettle Creek.
Austin Dabney
(1765-1830)- slave who fought and was wounded at the Battle of Kettle Creek; awarded his freedom and a land grant by the state for his heroics.
Button Gwinnett
(1735-1777)-Georgia signer of the Declaration of Independence; killed in a duel with Lachlan McIntosh.
Nancy Hart
(1735-1830)- Georgia Revolutionary War frontierswoman whose heroic actions led to the naming of a Georgia county in her honor.
Dr. Lyman Hall
(1724-1790)-Georgia signer of the Declaration of Independence; governor of Georgia.
Casmir Pulaski
(1745-1779)- Polish nobleman who fought for the patriot cause; was killed during the Siege of Savannah.
George Walton
(1749-1804)- the youngest of the Georgia signers of the Declaration of Independence; Georgia governor, and U.S. Senator.