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  1. proto-type
  2. computer simultions
  3. independent variable
  4. joule
  5. force
  1. a Full scale model that is used to test a product
  2. b A computer used to imitate a process
  3. c the SI energy unit
  4. d The variable you change to see how it will affect the dependent variable
  5. e a push or pull on an object

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  1. Visual display of data
  2. Tests the effect of one thing on another
  3. the mass per unit volume of a material
  4. a device that monitors a system
  5. If a group of objects exerts forces only on eachother, their totaly momentum doesnt change

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  1. massThe measurment of the quantity of an object


  2. balanced forceForces on an object that are equal in size and opposite direction


  3. technologyThe application of science to help people


  4. gravitational potential energy, formula1/2 mv(2) squared


  5. mechanical energyEnergy stored in Chemical bonds