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  1. bias
  2. speed
  3. law of conservation of momentum
  4. percision
  5. inertia
  1. a Describes how closley measurments are to each other and how carefully ther were made
  2. b The tendency of an object to resist motion
  3. c Occurs when what the scientists expect changes in the way the results are viewed
  4. d If a group of objects exerts forces only on eachother, their totaly momentum doesnt change
  5. e the distnace an object travels

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  1. To every action, there is an opposite and equal reaction
  2. A factor that doesnt change when other variables are added
  3. your speed at the very instant of time
  4. The ability to do work
  5. Energy stored in something that can stretch

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  1. weight, formulam.g


  2. acceleration, formulanet force (divided by) mass


  3. static frictionThe force that acts in the opposite direction


  4. air resistancecompares a measurment to the real of accepted value


  5. engineerResearcher that is responsible for bringing technology