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  1. control
  2. acceleration, formula
  3. net force
  4. weight
  5. experiment
  1. a Two or more forces acting on an object at the same time
  2. b net force (divided by) mass
  3. c Gravitational Force exerted on an object
  4. d the standare by which the test results are compared
  5. e Tests the effect of one thing on another

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  1. what happens in nature, seems to be true all the time
  2. Describes how closley measurments are to each other and how carefully ther were made
  3. Full scale model that is used to test a product
  4. V=l.w.h.
  5. a device that monitors a system

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  1. sliding frictionThe force that acts in the opposite direction


  2. kinetic energy, formulatotal distance (divided by) total time


  3. displacementThe direction and distance of an objects final position from its initial position


  4. newtons thrid lawObject that are in motion, tend to stay in motion. Objects that are at rest, tend to stay at rest


  5. volumethe SI energy unit