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  1. weight
  2. sliding friction
  3. society
  4. energy
  5. velocity
  1. a The ability to do work
  2. b The speed of the object and its direction of motoin
  3. c A group of people that share similar beliefs and values
  4. d Gravitational Force exerted on an object
  5. e The force that acts in the opposite direction

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  1. Forces that do not have equal Net Force
  2. the mass per unit volume of a material
  3. The variable you change to see how it will affect the dependent variable
  4. Attractive force between two objects
  5. A possilbe explanation for the problem

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  1. computer simultionsDesigned resrictions for products from outside


  2. average acceleration, formulanet force (divided by) mass


  3. gravitational potential energy, formulam.g.h


  4. conservation of evergyStored energy due to position


  5. law of conservation of momentumEnergy cannot be created or destroyed