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  1. momentum, formuala
  2. sliding friction
  3. constant
  4. conservation of evergy
  5. joule
  1. a A factor that doesnt change when other variables are added
  2. b Energy cannot be created or destroyed
  3. c m.v
  4. d The force that acts in the opposite direction
  5. e the SI energy unit

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  1. The amount of growth in an experiment
  2. An explanation of events based on knowledge
  3. If a group of objects exerts forces only on eachother, their totaly momentum doesnt change
  4. Forces that do not have equal Net Force
  5. Change in velocity divided by the time for the change to occur

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  1. densitythe mass per unit volume of a material


  2. displacementThe direction and distance of an objects final position from its initial position


  3. newtons second lawThe accleration of an object is in the same direction as the net force


  4. vectorGravitational Force exerted on an object


  5. constraintsDesigned resrictions for products from outside