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  1. average speed, formula
  2. acceleration, formula
  3. inertia
  4. theory
  5. weight
  1. a The tendency of an object to resist motion
  2. b An explanation of events based on knowledge
  3. c total distance (divided by) total time
  4. d Gravitational Force exerted on an object
  5. e net force (divided by) mass

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  1. A possilbe explanation for the problem
  2. a push or pull on an object
  3. Designed resrictions for products from outside
  4. A smaller version of the real production
  5. the SI energy unit

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  1. accelerationChange in velocity divided by the time for the change to occur


  2. engineerthe mass per unit volume of a material


  3. modelthe distnace an object travels


  4. mechanical energyPotential engery + Kinetic energy


  5. gravitational potential energy, formulam.g.h