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ability to change the direction of your body quickly and efficiently at the speed of your travel


ability to remain in equilibrium while being stationery or moving


the ability to use your body parts, muscles, to move smoothly and accurately


the ability to move your body from one point to another as fast as possible

reaction time

the amount of time taken for you to respond to a stimulus (based on sight and touch)


the application of speed and strength to produce a muscular movement

cardiorespiratory endurance

the body's ability, over sustained periods of physical activity, to deliver oxygen and nutrients to tissues, and to remove wastes (long runs)

muscular endurance

the ability of a muscle, or a group of muscles, to sustain repeated contractions or to continue applying force against a fixed object (push-ups)


the ability to move joints and use muscles through their full range of motion (sit-and-reach)

muscular strength

the muscle's ability to exert force for a brief span of time (lifting weights)

body composition

the ratio of lean body mass to fat

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