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Leisure, Sport and Tourism


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Three things that impact on the growth of leisure , sport and tourism?
Affluence, Accessibility, Technological change
Why are the title terms difficult to define?
As they overlap and can be participated in simultaneously
What is occurring at one time
what is occurring over time
What was the largest destination for tourism in 2010 (+ numbers) ?
Europe, 400 million tourists per year
How many tourists to the Americas and Asia-Pacific in 2010?
150 million americas, 200 million Asia-Pacific
Number of tourists to Africa and the Middle east in 2010?
20 million Africa, 12 million middle east
By 2020 what is europe's share of the tourism market supposed to fall from -to?
60% to 45%
By 2020 what is the America's share of the tourism market supposed to fall from -to?
19% to 18%
Rapid growth of tourism is expected in what regions?
Middle east( double their % share), Asia Pacific( 70% increase)
Relative tourist under and over spending occurs in what regions?
Underspending in Europe and Africa, Overspending in Asia-Pacific and Americas
Reasons for location popularity...
Marketing, Affluence, Accessibility, Population characteristics, Technological change
Butlers model is about?
The growth/decline of the tourism industry
Example for change in tourism supply...
Benidorm, Spain
When did Benidorm reach the consolidation stage of the Butlers model?
When did Benidorm Stagnate?
Hawkins model explains...
local peoples attitudes towards tourists
Tourism in what region of Malaysia has increased how much since 1996?
Tama Negara, increased by 360%
What is the annual growth rate of eco-tourism?
How much did Moteverde make in 2000 from tourism?
$100 million
How many people visit Moteverde every year?
How many hotels have opened in Moteverde?
Participation in Sports examples...
Rugby in NZ, Football in England
When was football first played in england?
When was football first codified?
Example of international sporting event?
How much did Beijing 2008 add to the chinese GDP?
4 trillion
When did israli in Munich disaster occur?
Example of national tourism industry...
Tourism earns how much of NZs foreign exchange earnings?
$9.7 billion , 16.8%
Tourism contributes to how much of NZ's GDP?
How many people in NZ are directly employed in the tourism industry?
1 in 10, 179,800 full time equivalent jobs
How big ( in terms of money) is the tourism industry in NZ?
$63 million
How many international visitors arrived in NZ in 2009?
NZ government get what % of tourist receipts?
Environmental impacts of tourism in NZ...
Pollution, Soil, Wildlife, vegetation, crowding, climate(change)
Way to remember environmental impacts of tourism in NZ....
People soil wild vegetables causing chaos
Biggest environmental impact of tourists in NZ?
Water quality
Examples of tourist impact on NZ...
Akaroa and Abel Tasman National Park
Case study of eco-tourism...
Monteverde, Costa Rica
How many people does the artisan cooperative in Monteverde employ?
150 women
Things that limit tourism as a strategy for development...
Enclave development, negative environmental impact, negative cultural impacts, leakage of profits
Example of tourism being a bad strategy for development...
Cancun, Mexico
How much does a waiter in a resort in Cancun make?
US$70 per 2 weeks
Example of tourism being a positive contribution to development?
What % of Tanzania's export is tourism?
35% ( largest share)
How many people are directly employed in Tanzania by the tourism industry?
Tourism management in an urban area example...
Areas of primary tourist attractions in Venice...
San Marco
Areas of secondary tourist attractions in Venice...
San Marco, Cannaregio
How many visitors are there to Venice each year?
20 million
How many people visit venice per day?
What is the carrying capacity of Venice?
22,000 visitors per day
Example of tourism management in a rural area?
Etosha National Park, Namibia
How big is the Etosha National Park?
How big is the salt pan in the Etosha National park?
How many different mammal, bird and reptile species are there in the Etosha National Park?
150 mammal species, 340 bird species, 16 reptile species
How much must each person and vehicle pay to enter the Etosha National Park?
$4 per person, $3 per vehicle
Urban renewal example...
East London UK
How many new homes created in London and how were they sold?
9,000, half sold on open market, half are council housing
How many jobs were lost as a result of london urban renewal?
Example of sustainable tourism...
Average temperature of Antarctica
70-90 F
How has the volume of tourists increased in Antarctica?
20 times since 1983, in 2008 was 47,000
When was the international antarctic protocol set up?
How long is mineral exploration banned in antarctica for
at least 50 years
What is the organisation of antarctic tourism operators called?
What is the maximum number of people allowed at one site in antarctica at any one time?