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site of robosome production


finger-like projections that increase surface area for absorbtion

cell membrane

controls the entry and exit of substances thru the cell

Smooth ER

cholesterol synthesis, fat metabolism and detoxification


transcription occurs here.....


tiny structures that carries out protein synthesis


hair-like structure that sweep particles away


small spherical structures that transport proteins from one part of the cell to another


genetic material is stored here


detoxifies free radicals and removes hydrogen peroxide


T or F: sample diffusion requires the input ot energy from ATP hyrdolysis


T or F: Osmosis is the movement of solutes from a region of lower concentration of solute to a region of higher concentration of solute


T or F: In exocytosis, there is movement of substances outside the cell


T or F; Pfinocytosis or "cell drinking" is a form of endocytosis


T or F: DNA replication occurs during metaphase of mitosis


T or F: during prophase, the daughter chromosomes are pulled towards the poles


T or F: blood is a type of connective tissue


T or F: an endocrine gland differs from an exocrine gland in that the endocrine gland is ductless


T or F: A ligament attatches a bone to muscle


T or F: elastic cartilage can be found in the external ear


what is an example of a connective tissue?

it is the only kind of RNA

what describes tRNA


a gene undergoes____to produce its corresponding mRNA

3 bases that code for a specific amino acid

an amino acid condon sequence of____


the process of converting the info from mRNA to protein is nown as


in human cells that produce large amounts of hormones or enzymes, we would expect to see a large number of....


mRNA stands for ____RNA

linning of bladder

in what location is stratified epithelium found?

alveolar walls or skin

in what locations are squamous epithelium found?

water moves out of the cell by osmosis

human cells in culture are placed in a relatively concentrated salt solution. What is likely to occur?

during interphase

DNA replication occurs

one new strand and one old strand

after DNA is being replicated, the new DNA molecule is mad up of.....

adenine base-pairs with thymine

the base-pairing rule states that....


what correctly describes the flow of genetic info in the cell

cardiac muscles

the heart is primarily made up of....

they are invouluntary muscles

what correctly describes smooth muscle tissue?

facilitated diffusion

sodium ions move into a nerve cell via protein channel fown a concentration gradient. this is an example of

interstial fluid

the fluid that bathes all cells and allows exhange of gases and nutrients is called....


what is NOT required during translation

interaphase--> prophase--> metaphase-->anaphase-->telophase

the correct order of the various stages of cell divison


during___chromsomes clusrer and become alligned at the center part of the cell


during___thecentomeres split and chromatids move to opposite poles of the cell

intercalated disks

cardiac muscle can easily be distinguished from skeletal muscle under the microscope in that cardiac muscle has


what is a structue that is made up of cartilage

alveolar walls

what is NOT an example of connective tissue

areola, fat

in bone the bone cells are located in the ____and the bulk of the bone is the____

epithithelial tissue

a tissue that usually occurs in continuous sheets and has a basement membrane is the

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