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Practice questions from Chapter 8 2012 Faye Browne Coding Handbook with 8.1 Exercise Answers

E Codes

Codes for external causes of injury and poisoning

V Codes

Codes for factors influencing health status and contact with health services

Palliative care

Care focused on the management of pain and other symptoms of patients who are in the terminal phase of an illness


Examination following treatment of healed fracture


Examination following surgical excision of tumor followed by radiotherapy


Is not assigned when a patient is admitted to the observation unit of the hospital immediately following same-day (outpatient) surgery, even though the medical record may suggest that the admission is for observation.


Visit to change surgical dressing


Family history of polyps of the colon

Codes V10-V15

Are used to indicate a personal history of a previous condition

Codes V16-V19

Are used to indicate a family history and may be assigned when the family history is the reason for examination or treatment.

Codes from Category V84

Are used to report genetic susceptibility to disease


Status Post aortocoronary bypass procedure


Encounter for occupational therapy rehabilitation


Adjustment of cardiac pacemaker


Long term use of anticoagulant therapy


Encounter for weaning from respirator


Aftercare healing traumatic fracture of arm


Screening mammogram, high-risk patient


Encounter for radiation therapy


Aftercare healing pathologic fracture of arm

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