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Chapter 18 Review Diseases of the Skin and Subcutaneous Tissue with exercises'

Category 692 Codes

Classifies dermatitis due to plants, food, drugs, and medications in contact with the skin

Category 693 Codes

Classifies dermatitis caused by medications taken internally

Debridement Coding

Is classified as either excisional or nonexcisional (brushings, irrigating, scrubbing, or washing)


An infection of the skin and soft tissues resulting from some sort of break in the skin


Removal of dead, damaged, or infected tissue

Subcategory codes 707.2

Apply only to pressure ulcers (707.0x)

Same Site, Same Stage

Assign one code for the site and one code for the stage

Same Site, Different Stages

Assign one code for the site and separate codes for each site.

Different Sites, Same Stage

Assign separate codes for the sites and one code for the stage.

Different Sites, Different Stages

Assign separate codes for the sites and separate codes for the stages

Evolving stages

Assign the code for the highest reported stage for that site.

Code 86.3

Assigned to the excision or destruction of most skin lesions.

Code 86.4

Assigned to other local excision or destruction of lesion or subcutaneous tissue.

Code 86.22

Excisional debridement of the skin

Code 86.28

Nonexcisional debridement of wound, infection or burn

Code 86.67

Dermal regenerative graft


Varicose ulcer, lower left leg with severe inflammation


Pilonidal fistula with abscess


Excision of pilonidal sinus

682.2, 041.11

Large abscess of right flank due to Staphylococcus aureus


Incision and drainage of abscess, right flank


Hard corn deformity, right little toe, soft corn deformities 3rd, 4th, and 5th toes, right foot

701.4, 906.6

Keloid scar on left hand from previous burn


Radical excision of scar


Chronic purulent inflamed acne rosacea of lower lip


Wide excision of chronic acne rosacea of lower lip, with full-thickness graft over defect, lower lip


Giant urticaria


Contact dermatitis of eyelid


Seborrheic keratosis underlying the second metatarsal head, right foot


Cellulitis of anus

041.01, 682.3

Acute lymphangitis, upper arm, due to Group A streptococcal infection

249.70, 785.4

Gangrenous diabetic ulcer of right foot due to peripheral circulatory disorder


Surgical (excisional) debridement of skin and fascia of foot


Infected ingrown toenail, right great toe


Cellulitis, buttock


Cellulitis of eyelid

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