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  1. 1967
  2. wisconsin
  3. henry luce
  4. radio act of 1912
  5. first talkie
  1. a public tv was established
  2. b all ship radios were to be maned 24/7
  3. c established by Warner Bros in 1927 "the jazz singer"
  4. d TIME magazine creator
  5. e where mccarthy is from

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  1. top magazine publishers
  2. the medium is the message
  3. developed empirical research which was a model to analyze violence
  4. established the wireless telegraph
  5. invented WTBS in 1976

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  1. time warner magazinesfirst major televised event; 4 cities; 3.9 billion viewers


  2. Arbitron and Neilsontop tv rating companies


  3. 1954NET formed


  4. benjamin harrisstarted the 1st major daily paper


  5. biltmore agreementjuxtaposition of images to convey a certain meaning or evoke emotions


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