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  1. NY Worlds Fair
  2. paramount decision
  3. time warner, conde naste, hearst
  4. Victor Talking Machine Co.
  5. time warner magazines
  1. a 1901; became RCA
  2. b TIME, sports illustrated, People
  3. c brokeup the oligopoly of Paramount and MGM
  4. d top magazine publishers
  5. e formal initiation of commercial TV

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  1. NBC top radio newscaster
  2. starts ladies home journal
  3. only 2 5 minute broadcasts all day
  4. year that transistor radio was established
  5. 1960's TV programming

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  1. TIME- the march of timeall ship radios were to be maned 24/7


  2. 1927public tv was established


  3. important 19th century books1st publicity agency


  4. john waynethe western actor


  5. wisconsinwhere mccarthy is from