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  1. sophists
  2. 1927
  3. ivy lee
  4. "birth of a nation"
  5. important 19th century books
  1. a 1st modern feature film
  2. b ancient greek teachers of rhetoric
  3. c father of modern pr
  4. d year jukebox was invented
  5. e a christmas carol and uncle toms cabin

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  1. started yellow journalism
  2. 1st all news radio station
  3. 1st major daily paper
  4. first books in america
  5. popular gossip columnist

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  1. rating% using a certain station


  2. nellie blyfirst president to appear on TV


  3. cultivation theoryidea that media defines the world for us


  4. public occurrences both foreign and domesticset up PBS


  5. NY Worlds Fairfirst major televised event; 4 cities; 3.9 billion viewers