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  1. the smother brothers and laugh-in
  2. warner bros, universal, paramount, disney, sony, 20th century fox, dreamworks
  3. ladies home journal
  4. joseph pulitzer
  5. biltmore agreement
  1. a only 2 5 minute broadcasts all day
  2. b started yellow journalism
  3. c early general interest mass circulation magazine
  4. d 1960's TV programming
  5. e 7 major film industries

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  1. standard for tv programs
  2. started the circus "the greatest show on earth"
  3. around the world in 80 days
  4. 1st attempt by actors to control films
  5. where mccarthy is from

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  1. benjamin daystarted the first newspaper in america


  2. 1947 world seriesformal initiation of commercial TV


  3. NY Worlds Fairformal initiation of commercial TV


  4. TIME- the march of timemost critically acclaimed newsreel series


  5. Edwin S PorterCNN inventor