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  1. book of psalms/poor richards almanac
  2. conde naste magazines
  3. wireless ship act of 1910
  4. KFAX
  5. benjamin day
  1. a vogue and vanity fair
  2. b started the 1st major daily paper
  3. c first books in america
  4. d 1st all news radio station
  5. e every ship was required to have a radio

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  1. 1st publicity agency
  2. only 2 5 minute broadcasts all day
  3. established by Warner Bros in 1927 "the jazz singer"
  4. the great train robbery
  5. software music to sell hardware radio

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  1. Jaws by Spielsbergbrought on the era of special effects and blockbusters


  2. heinrich hertzTV camera


  3. bartlesman agency, pearson, news corp, time warnermajor book publishers


  4. warner bros, universal, paramount, disney, sony, 20th century fox, dreamworks7 major film industries


  5. Lowell ThomasFox news