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  1. sophists
  2. rating
  3. KDKA
  4. Frank Conrad
  5. edwin armstrong
  1. a 1st newscast of significance
  2. b established FM radio in 1939
  3. c farmers station; 1920 in Pittsburg
  4. d % using certain station at one certain time
  5. e ancient greek teachers of rhetoric

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  1. TV camera
  2. formal initiation of commercial TV
  3. open the Texas Star Theatre
  4. san francisco examiner
  5. what I Love Lucy started

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  1. john cameron swayzestarted the 1st major daily paper


  2. the smother brothers and laugh-in1960's TV programming


  3. don juanthe western actor


  4. 1947 world seriescoined the term PR counsel


  5. TIME- the march of timeestablished federal radio commission FRC