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Nationalities - sentences

He's Italian.
He comes from Italy.
His name is Leonardo.
He's Canadian.
He comes from Canada.
His name is Edward.
I'm French.
I come from France.
My name is Pierre.
She's Brazilian.
She comes from Brazil.
Her name is Carmen.
He's English.
He comes from England.
His name is Matthew.
I'm Japanese.
I come from Japan.
My name is Misaki.
They're Austrian.
They come from Austria.
Their names are Eva and Franz.
I'm Egyptian.
I come from Egypt.
My name is Hassan.
She's Dutch.
She comes from the Netherlands.
Her name is Fanny.
He's Greek.
He comes from Greece.
His name is Nikos.
They're Australian.
They come from Australia.
Their names are Steve and Bob.
He's American.
He comes from
the United States of America.
His name is Jack.
He's Swiss.
He comes from Switzerland.
His name is Otto.
I'm German.
I come from Germany.
My name is Heidi.
He's Scotttish.
He comes from Scotland.
His name is Stuart.
I'm Indian.
I come from India.
My name is Kiram.
He's Russian.
He comes from Russia.
His name is Yuri.
She's Spanish.
She comes from Spain.
Her name is Dolores.
I'm Irish.
I come from Ireland.
My name is Liam.