5th grade Science - Chapter 4

List some traits that all animals have in common
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An animal can adapt to its environment by camouflaging or mimicking so that it blends or can hide from predators. Over time, some animals have gotten thicker fur for cold weather or thinner fur for hot weather. The shape of their nose or ears, the number of fingers, the color of fur, or the shape of a bird's beak are some other adaptations.
Inherited behaviors are reflex and instinct. The animal is born with these behaviors and does not have to be taught them. A reflex behavior can be like a monkey pulling its hand away when it's bitten. An instinct is like a colt being able to walk right after it is born. Learned behaviors are taught by a parent. An example is where an animal learns that an action could lead to good or bad results. A child learns that touching something hot could cause pain.
First, I would get 3 sow bugs. I would put them in jars with air holes. I would put the first one in the fridge. I would put the second one outside, if it's summer time. I would put the third one in the house. I think the one in the fridge will die and the one outside will live. The one inside will probably die because the air isn't as good inside.