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the increase in intelligence test scores over time is the
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iconic memory is also known asvisual memorywhite matter is composed of ______ while grey matter is composed of ______myelinated axons; nonmyelinated axons and neuronsencoding information is a process associated with what system in the three systems theory of memory?working memorywhat is also known as the faintest or weakest stimulus that someone can detect (a hearing test)absolute thresholdPierre-Paul Broca suggested that men were smarter than women utilizing what scientific discovery?brain size differencetwo sensory systems that utilize chemoreception are ____ and ______gustation and olfactorycrystallized intelligence is ____capacity to utilize skills and semantic knowledgea depolarization that reaches the threshold of excitation is called anaction potentialdescribe the recency effecttendency to remember information at the end of a listwhich lobe of the brain contains sensorimotor systems of the brainparietalexplicit memory retrieval and working memory are both associated with what part of the brain?hipppocamousmental models which help provide frames of reference for new situations are calledschemasname at least one of the kinds of neurons which is involved in the chain of events of the withdrawal reflexsensory neuron, interneuron, motor neuronwhat is the area of the eye associated with transductions of external stimuli?retinathree memory processesencoding, storage, retrievalencodingforming a neural representationstoragedeveloping a "durable" representationretrievalutilization of stored informationinformation-processing model of memoryinformation must pass through discrete stages via the three memory processessensory memoryimmediate initial recording of sensory information in the memory systemiconic (visual) memorymomentary sensory memory of visual stimuliechoic (auditory) memorymomentary sensory memory of auditory stimulisensory registertest for iconic memory invented by George Sperlingsemantic encodingencoding of meaning including meaning of wordsacoustic encodingencoding of sound especially sounds of wordsvisual encodingencoding of picture imagesprimacy effecttendency to remember words at the beginning of a listexplicit memorymemory elicited through conscious retrieval of recollectionsimplicit memorynonconscious recollection of a prior experience that is revealed indirectlydeclarative memorymemories you can consciously and verbally recallflashbulb memoryextremely rich and emotionally evocative episodic memories that feel frozen in your mindbasilar membranelong elastic like stretch of skin that sound waves transfer across upon entering the inner earplace theoryarea of basilar membrane that is vibrated can determine which frequency is detectedfrequency theory (volley)frequency of vibration determines the frequency detectedpitch perceptiondifferent tones excite differenct areas of the basilar membrane and primary auditory cortexperipheral nervous systemtransmits information to and from the central nervous systemquantal property of axonal conduction is known asall-or-none lawfrontal lobemotor area of the brain; motor movement and planning for sequences of motor movementsoccipital lobevisual cortextemporal lobeauditory cortexamygdalainvolved in activation of emotional responses aroused by the anticipation of pain and fear