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Ch.21 - The Civil War

The Draft
North and South men from 18-45 foreced to serve in the Army
Battle of Antietam
Bloodiest battle of war - ended in a tie
First Battle of Bull Run
First battle of the war to try and capture Richmond. South won.
Clara Barton
Started the American Red Cross
Union Blockade
North's ships stopped supplies and food from coming into the Southern ports
Sherman's march through Georgia
Gen Sherman marched from Atlanta to Savannah destroying every thing in his path.
After the south post the Battle of Petersburg. lee surrendered to Grant endin the Civil War.
Costs of the War
Billions of dollars, families members torn apart, over 620,000 men killed
African-Americans at war
Poorly trained and equipped, less pay, over 200,000 African American soldiers volunteered to fight the South
Strengths of the North
More population, more railrtoads, more factories, more men and bigger navy
Weaknesses of the North
Bad military leadership, the South had the best leaders
Strengths of the South
Home game on their own territory, saw the war as their fight for independence
Weaknesses of the South
Less of everything that the North had except the South had the best generals and were more willing to fight
The Monitor
First iron-clad ship of the Northern navy
The Merrimac
First iron-clad ship of the Southern navy. Fought to a tie,ans changed the way they built ships.
Control of the Mississippi
Part of the Anaconda Plan to split the South into two parts
The Confederate Home Front
The South was running out of supplies, food and crops were failing no ammo - a mess.
The Massachussets 54th
First group of ex-slaves who joined to fight against the South
Battle of Fort Wagner
Took place in South Carolina where the 54th fought bravely but lost the battle
Battle of Vicksburg
Decisive batle wherer the North finally gained controlof the Mississippi River after a long battle
Battle of Richmond again
Third and final try to capture the Southern capital
Lincoln re-elected
In 1964, because of Grant and the Northern army successes Lincoln was re-elected
Mostly from the North, they were against slavery anywhere, anytime.
Battle of Gettysburg
Fouthe in Pennsylvania on July 4, 1863. It was the fartherest North the South would ever get t
The Emancipation Proclamation - Jan. 1, 1863
A proclamation of President Lincoln freeing all slaves
The Anaconda Plan
Final Northern plan to end the War by Capturing Richmond, Blockading Southern ports and splitting the South by taking the Mississippi River
Jefferson Davis
The first and only President of the South during the Civil War.
Role of women in the War
took men's places and jobs so men could go and fight, started the Nurses
New Orleans, La.
Major city of the Mississippi River and coptrol of this city helped the North control the Miss. River
Medical knowledge
Horrible during the War. More soldiers died of diseases and infections in the hospitals than on the battlefield