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Georgia's government


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a constitution establishes the relationship between a government and it ___________________________.
Georgia's government has operated ____________________________, beginning in 1777.
under 10 different constitutions
The current constitution was ____________
ratified in 1983
Article 1 contains the states the specific ________________ and the government's limits
rights of citizen
some of these rights include: right to life, liberty, and property, __________________, freedom of the press, and the right to defend oneself in court.
freedom of speech
Article II sets ___________ and rules for elections.
qualifications for voting
Article IV sets up Georgia's ________________________
government bodies
Article IV provides a _____________________ that ensures the rights of people who work for the state of georgia, a State Board of Pardons and Paroles that deals with people in prison, a __________ that oversees utilities such as water and electricity, a State transportation board, a Veterans service board, and a Board of Natural Resources.
state personal board; public service commission
Article V
Executive Branch
Article V outlines the court system and gives the purposes and limits of Georgia's _________________ : magistrate, probate, juvenile, state, superior, Court of Appeals, and Supreme Court
seven types of courts
Article VIII
taxation and finance
Article VIII authorizes the
power to tax
Article VIII explains how the ___________ is supported by taxes and how the board of education oversees it
public education system
Article X amends the constitution first through
proposals by the General Assembly
The second way to amend is by
constitutional convention
It becomes part of the Constitution if a majority of the voters vote in
favor of the change
Like the government of the United States, Georgia's government is divided into
three branches
The legislative branch (general assembly) _______________ that citizens must obey
makes the laws
The executive branch (governor) is the head of the government who _______________
enforces the laws
The judicial branch (courts)
interprets the laws
This system of limiting the roles of each branch and setting right another branch's error is called
Checks and balances
Article II outlines the ________ for elections
voting qualifications:
-citizen of the USA
-legal resident of Georgia and of the county of where you wish to vote
-must be at least 18 years of age
-a person cannot vote if s/he is serving a sentence for a felony conviction or has certain mental disabilities
Polling places are open from 7 am to 7 pm on election day, and employers are required to give their employees up to
2 hours to vote
political parties are groups of people who join together because of
shared ideas an policies
Functions of political party:
recruiting and nominating candidates
educating voters about campaign issues
helping candidates win the elections
monitoring the actions of the elected official
what are the two main political parties of the US
democratic and republican
Georgia's current state flag was
adopted in 2003
the words ___________ are wrapped around the pillars
wisdom, justice, moderation
I pledge allegiance to the Georgia flag and to the __________ Wisdom, Justice, and Moderation
principles for which it stands
Wisdom reminds the legislative branch to be
wise in creating laws
justice appeals to the judicial branch for
fair and just decisions
moderation urges the executive branch to ___________ within the boundaries of the law
carry out laws calmly