Civic Journalism

Civic journalism pros, cons and mission.

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Civic Journalism
Its main goal is to provide readers with the necessary information that they need in order to correctly carry out their job of being a citizen. Civic journalism aims to help INVOLVE citizens opinions in news stories (not all of them) so that citizens do NOT feel alienated.
Citizen Journalism allows for deep community connection, allowing for the peoples voice to be heard and acknowledged. It allows readers to feel as if they are a part in the decision making of public issues, and that they are being recognized in their concerns for their society. Citizen journalists can exercise extreme independence not bound by organizational newsroom policies.
Citizen Journalism may become too opinionated; the articles may not be very accurate, transparency on behalf of the journalist may be obscure, objectivity may be exercised in an inappropriate manner. Overall, unless the citizen journalist is extremely committed, credibility and discrepencies may abound.