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True or False: The Battle of New Orleans occurred 2 weeks before the war ended.

False, It happened 2 weeks AFTER the war ended.

Encouraged by the Russian Czar, what did the 1814 Treaty of Ghent do?

It ended the fighting and restored the territories.

What wasn't a result of the War of 1812 in America?

Increasing naval presence to protect the Great Lakes.

What was the ''American System''?

A 3-tiered program to promote America's home markets.

What was the ''Era of Good Feelings''?

The presidency of James Monroe.

What did the Missouri Compromise (1820) seek to accomplish?

Maintaining the balance between free and slave states (prohibited slavery above the parallel 36,30 north except for Missouri).

How did the chief justice of the Supreme Court, John Marshall make a lasting impact?

He reinforced the doctorine of loose construction regarding the constitution.

What is the main significance of the Monroe Doctorine (1823)?

It outlined noncolonization and nonintervention mandates regarding the Americas and beyond.

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