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"a" for stick your tongue out and say "ah"
"i" for Eagle
"u" an old woman with a heavy pack, oomph!
"e" for curtains closing at the end of a performance
"o" an old orange tree with a broken branch
"ka" for cutting bread with a knife
"ki" for key
"ku" looks like a cook's hat
"ke" for kettle
"ko" for tennis court
"sa" for three sardines in a dish
"shi" for ship with two sails
"su" for soup dribbling down his chin
"se" for setting the table
"so" for sewing on a button
"ta" for a tadpole with a tail and one leg
"chi" for a chicken feather
"tsu" a needle and two buttons (tsu buttons)
"te" for television antenna
"to" for totem pole
"na" for nut cracker
"ni" for two needles
"nu" for noodle stuck in your teeth
"ne" for never find your way on these roads
"no" a needle and no button
"ha" for hut with a hole in the roof
"hi" for he is doing sit ups (or hi for heel of your foot)
"fu" for who is hungry?
"he" for heaven
"ho" for not so hot in the shade
"ma" for eating a muffin
"mi" for my cat scratched me
"mu" a moose ate part of the triangle
"me" for metal sword
"mo" more fish hooks catch more fish
"ya" for drinking yummy juice with a straw
"yu" who is number 1? You!
"yo" for yoghurt
"ra" for rough moustache
"ri" for two reeds on the edge of the pond
"ru" for legs of a kangaroo
"re" for broken record
"ro" for square rock
"wa" for a baby with a new tooth crying
"o" for ostrich
"n" for a ship with one sail