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  1. dept of commerce
  2. Joint Chief of staff
  3. dept of justice
  4. attorney general
  5. chief executive
  1. a they are the highest rank of military officers, that advise the president
  2. b set standards for weights and measurements. Encourage and regulate foreign trade.
  3. c the president runs the executive branch of the government and enforces U.S. laws
  4. d who is the head of the department of justice?
  5. e investigates violations of federal law. Prosecute cases for fed gov. and they also enforce U.S. law, ensure public safety.

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  1. protects the nation against terrorist attacks
  2. regulate energy and promote conservation
  3. maintain national parks, control public lands, and supervise Indian Reservations
  4. runs veterans hospitals and gives education to people that served in the militatary
  5. deals with employment. Make sure factories are safe, look at standards of labor, and tell what unemployment rate is. Also sets minimum wage

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  1. dept of defensein charge of the military


  2. dept of educationgives financial aid


  3. dept of agricultureconducts studies, soil conservation, manages food stamps


  4. dept of housing and urban developmentMakes sure food and medicines are safe


  5. economic leaderthe president creates policies and programs to keep the nation's economy growing and prosperous