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Mesopotamia- SW

Earliest communities in Middle East
Jaricho,Catal Huyuk
An amount more than what is needed or used.
Specialization[ know cause and effects]
the development of differnt kinds of jobs
Bronze Age[ how is bronze made]
Bronze was made by mixing copper and tin.
Cultural universals[all 10]
environment,valuse,belief system,goverment,social need,economic systems,communiaction,arts&recreation,aestheatics,social roles
Hittites and accomplishments
it made their iron stronger. The Assyrians learned this from the hittites.
it was location was between the two river, in the western part of Fertile Crescent.
irrigation helped farmers to grow crops, and allowed to support and grow plenty of food for a big population.
They are a land around a city like Sumerian city. deserts and mud. it kept them from each other.
it meant that tiers like a giant square wedding cake, the Ziggurat dominated the city.
they worshiped the gods and the gods tolled them how was to be king.
A Artisans is a person that is skilled worker who made metal products.
Cuneiform and Scribes
It consisted of hundreds of wedge-shaped marks cut into damp clay tablets with a sharp-ended reed.
Epic poems and "Epic of Gilgamesh"
An Epic