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  1. Services
  2. Human Resources
  3. cultural diffusion
  4. Natural Vegetation
  5. V. I. Lenin
  1. a physical and mental efforts of people used to create goods and services
  2. b Established communism in Russia
  3. c the process of spreading new knowledge from one culture to another
  4. d products you cannot touch
  5. e plant life that grows in an area where the natural environment is unchanged by human activity

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  1. established Communism in China
  2. people who share a common language, history, and place of origin
  3. continent that lies entirely in the Eastern Hemisphere
  4. best description of the population trend for modern countries, i.e. US
  5. another name for the neolithic revolution

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  1. Resourcespeople who are forced to leave their homeland and go to another afea because of war, famine or natural disaster


  2. Growth Ratepart of earth that sustains life


  3. Opportunity Costpart of a map that indicates directions


  4. Windward sidethe side of the mountain facing the wind


  5. No One Systemeconomic system supported by the Roman Catholic Church