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  1. Mixed Economy
  2. earthquake
  3. smog
  4. Ancient Greece
  5. Opportunity Cost
  1. a The best alternative given up when making a choice
  2. b visible chemical haze in the atmosphere that endangers people's health caused by the heavy burning of fossil fuels in some areas
  3. c the sudden and violent movement of the tectonic plates along a fault line
  4. d Classical example of a direct democracy
  5. e most countries' economies

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  1. purposes of the US government are stated in this
  2. plant life that grows in an area where the natural environment is unchanges by human activity
  3. weather patterns that an area typically experiences over a long period of time
  4. people who share a common language, history, and place of origin
  5. mountains that are formed by lava or magma that breaks through the earth's crust

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  1. V. I. LeninEstablished communism in Russia


  2. Asiaarea of lush vegitation found in desert areas


  3. Languageis key to a culture's development


  4. Demographic modelmodel used to study changes in population by comparing birth and death rates


  5. Biospherepart of earth that sustains life