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  1. Continental Shelf
  2. government
  3. Weather
  4. Earth's Axis
  5. Scarcity
  1. a condition of the atmosphere in one place during a limited period of time
  2. b an imaginary line that runs through the center of the Earth from the North pole to the South Pole
  3. c underwater extention of the costal plain
  4. d the result of an inabiliyt to satisfy all of everyone's wants
  5. e the way a group of people rule themselves

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  1. wrote "The Wealth of Nations"
  2. where a place is in relation to another place
  3. zero degrees latitude
  4. a body that orbits the sun, that is large enough for its own gravity to make it round and that has cleared its neighborhood of smaller objects
  5. trees that have broad leaves that change color and drop in fall

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  1. Divine RightTheory of government that say the state was created by God and that the rulers reign in God's name


  2. Plate Tectonicsreason that best explains why the supercontinent broke apart


  3. Population Densitywrote Rerum Novarum


  4. Mao Tse-Tungwrote "The Wealth of Nations"


  5. Servicesproducts you cannot touch