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  1. Prarie
  2. earthquake
  3. Mixed Economy
  4. Absolute Location
  5. Goods
  1. a inland grassland area
  2. b most countries' economies
  3. c the exact position of a place on earth's surface
  4. d the sudden and violent movement of the tectonic plates along a fault line
  5. e physical products buisinesses produce

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  1. purposes of the US government are stated in this
  2. the US census bureau considers Pittsburg to be one of these
  3. cities of at least 50,000 or more and their surrounding urban areas
  4. Classical example of a direct democracy
  5. is key to a culture's development

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  1. Justiceto give one what is rightfully his


  2. Australiacontinent that lies entirely in the Southern Hemisphere


  3. smogvisible chemical haze in the atmosphere that endangers people's health caused by the heavy burning of fossil fuels in some areas


  4. Titlepart of map that what kind of info the map is showing


  5. Birthratesdepend on culture, are lower in urban areas, and are higher in rural areas