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  1. Hydrosphere
  2. government
  3. Karl Marx
  4. Mixed Economy
  5. Entrepreneurship
  1. a the way a group of people rule themselves
  2. b Father of Socialism
  3. c most countries' economies
  4. d oceans rivers lakes and streams are a part of this
  5. e The imagination, innovative thinking, and management skills needed to start and operate a business

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  1. when we choose to use resources one way, we give up another called this
  2. Theory of government that says government developed out of the family
  3. mountains that are formed by lava or magma that breaks through the earth's crust
  4. process of turning salt water into fresh water
  5. because of this, winds tend to blow diagonally rather than from due north, south, east, or west

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  1. Romance Languagesat one time all of the continents were joined together in this one large supercontinent


  2. Mixed forestsforests in the Marine West Coast that have both coniferous and deciduous trees


  3. Market EconomyUsing voluntary exchange as the primary means of organizing and coordinating production


  4. Heat from the sunwrote "The Wealth of Nations"


  5. Religioncement that binds a culture together