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  1. Entrepreneurship
  2. Rain Shadow
  3. Key
  4. cultural hearths
  5. Economy
  1. a centers of civilization whose ideas and practices spread to the surrounding areas
  2. b the system that results from choices we make as consumers, workers, buisiness owners or managers, and government officials
  3. c the leeward side of a mountain that tends to have a dryer climate
  4. d The imagination, innovative thinking, and management skills needed to start and operate a business
  5. e part of a map that lists and explains the symbols, colors, and lines used in the map

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  1. latitude or parallel that lies at 23 1/2 degrees south and is te southern most point of the earth to recieve direct rays of the sun
  2. various amounts of a good or service a producer is willing and able to sell at different possible prices at a particular time
  3. Father of Capitalism
  4. movement of poeple from one place to another
  5. wrote "The Wealth of Nations"

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  1. Natural Resourcesunaltered gifts of nature


  2. Biospherelayer of gasses extending above the planet's surface


  3. Micropolitan areacities of at least 50,000 or more and their surrounding urban areas


  4. Nitrogentheory of government that says governent developed as one person or group forced all others into submission


  5. Mixed forestsgeographic theme that describes how and why people and things change location


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