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  1. Supply
  2. Trade-off
  3. Windward side
  4. Language
  5. Human-Environment Interaction
  1. a geographic theme that describes the relationship between people and their environment
  2. b the side of the mountain facing the wind
  3. c is key to a culture's development
  4. d various amounts of a good or service a producer is willing and able to sell at different possible prices at a particular time
  5. e when we choose to use resources one way, we give up another called this

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  1. because of this, winds tend to blow diagonally rather than from due north, south, east, or west
  2. wrote Das Kapital
  3. one item that can be used in place of another item
  4. global winds that blow in fairly constant patterns
  5. the process of people exchanging goods and services to meet their needs and wants

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  1. Benignkind


  2. Pope Leo XIIIwrote Rerum Novarum


  3. Regionsgeographic theme that examines areas that share common characteristics


  4. traditional economythe economic system where where the answers to the basic economic questions are determined by tradition or custom


  5. Religionpeople who are forced to leave their homeland and go to another afea because of war, famine or natural disaster