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  1. Revolution
  2. Macroeconomics
  3. Karl Marx
  4. Entrepreneurship
  5. Economics
  1. a Father of Socialism
  2. b The imagination, innovative thinking, and management skills needed to start and operate a business
  3. c study of people producing and exchanging to get the goods and services they want
  4. d study of the economy as a whole
  5. e a trip around the sun (365 Days)

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  1. a body that orbits the sun, that is large enough for its own gravity to make it round and that has cleared its neighborhood of smaller objects
  2. movement of poeple from one place to another
  3. document that stated that workers deserved a fair days wage in exchange for a fair days work
  4. the sudden and violent movement of the tectonic plates along a fault line
  5. the process of spreading new knowledge from one culture to another

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  1. Karl Marxwrote "The Communist Manifesto"


  2. Resourcespeople who are forced to leave their homeland and go to another afea because of war, famine or natural disaster


  3. Adam Smithwrote "The Wealth of Nations"


  4. Market Economymost countries' economies


  5. V. I. Leninkind


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