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Who led American forces at the Battle of New Orleans?

Andrew Jackson

Which of the following beliefs did Thomas Jefferson hold?

High taxes, standing armies, and corruption could destroy American liberty by turning government into the master rather than the servant of the people.

Why did Thomas Jefferson favor sovereignty of state government over the federal government?

He believed that state government was more responsive to popular will.

The 1823 Monroe Doctrine argued that European countries

could no longer establish new colonies in the Western Hemisphere.

Which of the following statements does not accurately describes the War of 1812?

The Battle of New Orleans enabled Americans to win generous terms in the Treaty of Ghent.

The Lewis and Clark expedition produced which of the following results?

New scientific information,
Tall tales about gigantic Indians and a mountain of salt,
Stimulation of interest in the West,
New geographic information,

DNA evidence suggests that Thomas Jefferson probably

fathered at least one child with his slave, Sally Hemings.

Which region of the United States was hit the hardest by the Embargo Act?

New England

The war hawks were

Republicans from the West and South who thought the government's policies were wrecking their economies.

Who helped Lewis and Clark on their expedition to the Pacific?


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