18 terms

Word Lesson 4 Terms

A note at the end of the document or section that is used to cite references or to give more information.
Text that appears at the bottom (foot) of every page.
A note at the bottom of the page used to cite references or give more information.
Full screen view
A view that displays a document with all of the Word toolbars, task panes, and other screen items removed.
Go To
Navigation tool that lets you move through a document in a specified way. You can, for example, go to item such as pages, sections, or headings, or move up or down a specific number of lines in the text.
Text that appears at the top of evey page.
To move through your document to a particular location.
Outline View
The view of a document that displays the text, indented to show the heading level.
Page break
The place where one printed page aend and the next begins. A soft page break is when Word automatically moves text to a new page. A hard page break is a break inserted by the user to force text to a new page.
Reading Layout view
The view of a document that maximeizes the viewing area for reading.
A formal document used to communicate information.
A portion of a document that can have different formatting from the rest of the document.
Section break
A break that you insert to start a new section.
Select Browse Object
A button that lets you choose how to move through a document. Youc can, for example, browse by page, section, heading, footnote, or endnote.
Table of contents
A list of the topids in a document, along with their page numbers.
White space
The space between the margins and the edge of the page.
Word Count
The command that counts the number of words, characters, and paragraphs in a document or selection of text.
To view a document at a larger or smaller size.