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  1. Arbitrary
  2. Defray
  3. Pompous
  4. Annihilate
  5. Incinerate
  1. a To pay for
  2. b unreasonable; based on one's wishes or whims without regard for reason or fairness
  3. c overly self-important in speech or manner; excessively stately or ceremonious
  4. d to destroy completely
  5. e to burn to ashes

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  1. not genuine, not true not valid
  2. (adj) given to fighting; active and aggressive in support of a cause; (n) an activist
  3. Exceeding what is sufficient or required, excess
  4. not running or flowing; foul from standing still; inactive, sluggish, dull
  5. a very steep cliff, the brink or edge of disaster

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  1. Irateangry


  2. CondoneSlavery; any state of being bound or held down


  3. Abridgeto make shorter


  4. Erraticnot regular or consistent; different from what is ordinarily expected; undependable


  5. Perennial(adj) lasting for a long time, persistent;(n) a plant that lives for many years