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  1. What accounted for the downfall of Songhay?
  2. Which of the following statements concerning Great Zimbabwe is NOT correct?
  3. How was the institution of slavery viewed in Muslim society?
  4. Sudanic states of Mali and Songhay
  5. The study of population is referred to as
  1. a Great Zimbabwe was constructed by Arab Muslims who were trading with the Bantu residents of the region
  2. b terribrial cores of some ethnicity, power extended
  3. c demography
  4. d Invasion by a Moroccan Muslim army equipped with firearms, following by internal revolts
  5. e In theory, slavery was seen as a stage in the process of conversion of pagans to Islam.

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  1. Neither universal states nor universal religion characterized Africa, but both Christianity and Islam did find adherents in Africa.
  2. Malinke merchants; formed small partnerships to carry out trade throughout Mali empire; eventually spread throughout much of West Africa
  3. disparities between the technologies and ideologies of Europeans and Africans also created differences in the ways in which their societies developed
  4. Ethiopia
  5. Islam accommodated pagan practice and belief in the early stages of conversion, because rulership and authority was still based on the ability to intercede with local spirits.

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  1. which of the following statements concerning the economics of Africa is NOT correct?much of the region lacked a market economy and was based on self-sufficient agricultural units


  2. The puritanical reform movements of the Almoravids and Almohadis arose among what groups of people in Africa?The Berbers, native desert dwellers of North Africa


  3. many African societies unaffected by either Christianity or Islam developed states withoutSub-Saharan Africa


  4. Why was Islam so readily adopted by rulers within the Sudan?Griots mastered the oral traditions of the Malinke and by knowing the past were considered excellent advisors of kings.


  5. What Sudanic kingdom declined in 1076, making way for new political organizations in the region?Ghana


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