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  1. What is mwene mutapa
  2. Songhai was originally part of which African empire?
  3. How was the institution of slavery viewed in Muslim society?
  4. check this out
  5. Juula
  1. a
  2. b Malinke merchants; formed small partnerships to carry out trade throughout Mali empire; eventually spread throughout much of West Africa
  3. c title the king took
  4. d In theory, slavery was seen as a stage in the process of conversion of pagans to Islam.
  5. e Mali

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  1. the yoruba were organized in a number of small city-states under the authority of regional kings
  2. systems of writing
  3. demography
  4. Sunni Ali
  5. Industrialization

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  1. What accounted for the downfall of Songhay?Invasion by a Moroccan Muslim army equipped with firearms, following by internal revolts


  2. What was the social and political function of the griots?between Niger and Senegal rivers


  3. To what extent did Islam successfully penetrate the populations of east Africa?Berbers from North Africa


  4. The puritanical reform movements of the Almoravids and Almohadis arose among what groups of people in Africa?terribrial cores of some ethnicity, power extended


  5. What was the most important Christian kingdom in Africa?Ethiopia