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  1. following the decline of Songhay, smaller states developed east of Maliand Songhay among which people?
  2. Agriculture in Mali?
  3. African societies organized around the kinship or other forms of obligation and lacking the concentration of political power and authority were referred to as?
  4. Which of the following statements concerning Great Zimbabwe is NOT correct?
  5. Between 800 and 1500 as the frequency and intensity of contact with the outside world increased, which of the following had the most significant impact on sub-Saharan Africa?
  1. a The arrival of Islam
  2. b Difficulties of soil, dought, no technology, farmers could barely provide food
  3. c Great Zimbabwe was constructed by Arab Muslims who were trading with the Bantu residents of the region
  4. d stateless
  5. e Hausa

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  1. Berbers from North Africa
  2. between Niger and Senegal rivers
  3. the yoruba were organized in a number of small city-states under the authority of regional kings
  4. demography
  5. Ghana

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  1. The puritanical reform movements of the Almoravids and Almohadis arose among what groups of people in Africa?The Berbers, native desert dwellers of North Africa


  2. What was the most important Christian kingdom in Africa?Ethiopia


  3. Sudanic states of Mali and Songhayterribrial cores of some ethnicity, power extended


  4. many African societies unaffected by either Christianity or Islam developed states withoutThe Muslim concept of a ruler who united civil and religious authority reinforced traditional ideas of kingship


  5. What accounted for the downfall of Songhay?Invasion by a Moroccan Muslim army equipped with firearms, following by internal revolts