10 terms

7th Grade: Chapter 3 Multiple Step Equations and Inequalities

Associative Property
the property that states that for all real numbers a, b and c, their sum or product is always the same regardless of their grouping
The number that is multiplied by a variable in an algebraic expression
Commutative Property
the property that states that two or more numbers can be added or multiplied in any order without changing the sum or product
a value that does not change (a term with no variable)
Distributive Property
the property that states if you multiply a sum by a number, you will get the same result if you multiply each addend by that number and then add the products
a mathematical statement that compares two expressions by using one of the following symbols: <, >, (greater than or equal to) and (less than or equal to)
Like Terms
two or more terms that have the same variable parts raised to the same power
the parts of an expression that are added or subtracted
Solution Set
the set of values that makes a statement true
algebraic inequality
an inequality that contains at least one variable