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Modern Art Midterm

Munch. The Scream
Edvard Munch
From Oslo
Ingres. Grande Odalisque. 1814
Painted by Ingres
William Sidney Mount. The Power of Music. 1847
Claude Monet. Boulevard des Capucines. 1873-74
Edgar Degas. Viscount Lepic and His Daughters. 1875
Gustave Caillebotte. Paris: A Rainy Day. 1877
Edvard Munch. Spring Evening on Karl Johan's Street. 1892
Edouard Manet. Olympia. 1863
Paul Cézanne. Mont Sainte-Victoire. 1902-1904.
Vincent Van Gogh. Starry Night. 1889
Fragonard. The Swing. 1777
Greuze. The Paternal Curse. 1777
Gainsborough. Mr. and Mrs. Andrews. 1750
West. The Death of General Wolfe. 1770
Kaufmann. Mother of the Gracchi ("My Children are My Treasures"). C. 1785
Vigée-Lebrun. Self-Portrait with her Daughter Julie. 1790
Piranesi. Prison. 1760
Hackwood. Am I Not a Man and a Brother?. 1790
David. Oath of the Horatii. 1785
David. Death of Marat. 1790
David. Intervention of the Sabine Women. 1799
Rude. Departure of the Volunteers of 1792 (La Marseillaise). 1835
David. Napoleon in his Study. 1810
Gros. Napoleon at the Battle of Eylau, February 7-8, 1807. 1808
Goya. The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters from Los Caprichos. C. 1800
Goya. The Third of May, 1808. 1815
Fuseli. The Night Mare. 1781
Girodet. Burial of Atala. 1808
Gericault. Raft of the Medusa. 1819
Delacroix. Women of Algiers. 1835
Turner. Snowstorm: Hannibal Crossing the Alps. 1810
Friedrich. Woman at a Window. 1822
. Ingres. Louis-Francois Bertin. 1832
Menzel. Living Room with the Artist's Sister. 1847
Bonheur. Plowing the Nivernais. 1849
Millet. The Gleaners. 1857
Courbet. The Stonebreakers. 1850
Daumier. Rue Transnonain. 1834
Meissonier. Memory of Civil War (The Barricade). 1849
O'Sullivan. Harvest of Death. 1863
Richter. The Watzmann. 1824
Ward. Gordale Scar. 1813
Turner. Snowstorm: Hannibal Crossing the Alps. 1812
Cole. The Oxbox (View from Mount Holyoke). 1836
Bierstadt. Among the Sierra Nevada. 1868
Friedrich. Abbey in an Oak Forest. 18010
Constable. The Haywain. 1821
Corot. Ville d'Avray. 1875
Lord Burlington and William Kent. Chiswick House. Near London, 1725
McKim, Mead, and White. Victor Newcomb House. Elberon, NJ, 1880
Frank Wright. Robie House. 1910
Friedrich Schinkel. Altes Museum. Berlin, 1830
Upjohn. Trinity Church. New York, 1846
Paxton. Crystal Palace. London, 1851
Sullivan. Guarantee Trust Building. Buffalo, 1895
Gilbert. Woolworth Building. New York, 1911-13
Cabanel. Birth of Venus. 1863
Carpeaux. Ugolino and his Children. 1865
Eakins. The Gross Clinic. 1875
Carrière. Mother and Child. 1890
Bocklin. The Isle of the Dead. 1880
Stieglitz. City of Ambition. 1910
Puvis de Chavannes. The Sacred Grove. 1884
Beardsley. The Peacock Skirt. 1894
Cheret. Loie Fuller. 1893
Manet. The Absinthe Drinker. 1860
Degas. Orchestra of the Paris Opera. 1870
Degas. Ballet Rehearsal. 1874
Degas. 14-Year Old Dancer. 1881
Degas. Viscount Lepic and his Daughters. 1875
Caillebotte. Pont de l"Europe. 1876
Monet. Gare St. Lazare. 1877
Monet. La Grenouillere (The Frog Pond). 1870
Monet. Boulevard des Capucines. 1875
Monet. Gare Saint Lazare (In Sun). 1877
Renoir. Moulin de la Galette. 1875
Renoir. Dancer. 1874
Degas. The Tub. 1886
Monet. Three Poplars. 1890
Monet. Water Lilies. 1920
Seurat. Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte. 1885
Seurat. The Channel at Gravelines. 1890
Cezanne. Basket of Apples. 1895
Cezanne. Mont Saint-Victoire. 1900
Gauguin. Visions After the Sermon. 1888
Van Gogh. The Potato Eaters. 1885
Van Gogh. The Night Cafe. 1888
Gauguin. Where Do We Come From? What are We? Where are We Going?. 1897
Van Gogh. Dr. Paul Gachet. 1890
Munch. Spring Evening on Karl Johans Street. 1893
Gustav Klimt. The Kiss. 1908
Kirchner. Street Dresden. 1908
Marc. Large Blue Horses. 1911
Kandinsky. Last Judgement. 1912
Rodin. Burghers of Calais. 1885
Matisse. Woman with Hat. 1905
Matisse. The Dance. 1909
Matisse. Red Studio. 1911
Modigliani. Reclining Nude. 1917
Soutine. Little Pastry Cook. 1922

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