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  1. spongy bone
  2. nucleolus
  3. chondrocyte
  4. cartilage vs. bone
  5. posterior
  1. a porous, soft
  2. b cartilage cell
  3. c toward back
  4. d site of ribosome synthesis
  5. e cartilage: flexible. bones: heals faster, more dense

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  1. toward head
  2. in heart, involuntary, striated, actin myosin
  3. carbs, nucleic acids, protiens, lipids
  4. hollow organs/irises, no striations, involuntary, viceral and multiunit
  5. skin pigment

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  1. transcriptionsynthesis of protein by ribosomes


  2. forensic anthropology questions, waldodna unwinds and mRNA forms


  3. how does the body regulate temperaturehomeostasis (shivers, goosebumps, sweating)


  4. osteoblastsbone forming


  5. appendicularlimbs, extremities


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