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  1. scientific method
  2. inorganic
  3. 4 primary signs of inflammation
  4. 3 parts of an atom
  5. number of bones
  1. a observation, hypothesis, prediction, experiment, theory
  2. b protons, neutrons, electrons
  3. c heat swelling pain redness
  4. d 206
  5. e substance not made of carbon and hydrogen

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  1. in heart, involuntary, striated, actin myosin
  2. breaks down food and make ATP using oxygen
  3. person to person contact (avoid), environmental contact (avoid), opportunistic invasion (steady pH, temp), transmission by vectors (bugspray)
  4. study of morphology (parts)
  5. bone cell

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  1. endoplasmic reticulumtransports materials and makes lipids


  2. skin colorationjunction bw two bones separated


  3. ribosomessynthesize proteins


  4. 5 requirements for lifewater, food, oxygen, heat, pressure


  5. distaltoward middle