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  1. homeostasis
  2. 4 major organic macromolecules
  3. inferior
  4. lysosomes
  5. cell membrane
  1. a ability to maintain a stable internal environment (goosebumps)
  2. b "bouncer" controls what goes in an out
  3. c carbs, nucleic acids, protiens, lipids
  4. d toward feet
  5. e digestive sacs

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  1. affects ligaments
  2. person to person contact (avoid), environmental contact (avoid), opportunistic invasion (steady pH, temp), transmission by vectors (bugspray)
  3. water, food, oxygen, heat, pressure
  4. contains genetic info
  5. on bones, voluntary, striated

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  1. 3 things that all cells haveplasma membrane, cytoplasm (with ribosomes), DNA


  2. endoplasmic reticulumtransports materials and makes lipids


  3. osteoclastssite of ribosome synthesis


  4. 3 parts of an atomhead: 9%. arms: 9% each. legs: 18% each. trunk: 36%. genitalia: 1%


  5. pathogenic animals (vector?)passive: high to low, no energy, diffusion; active: low to high, energy, endocytosis