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  1. proximal
  2. organic
  3. osteocyte
  4. physiology
  5. mitochondria
  1. a "powerhouse" transforms energy (ATP)
  2. b bone cell
  3. c substances made of carbon and hydrogen
  4. d toward trunk
  5. e study of bodily fuctions

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  1. dna make copies of themselves
  2. carbs, nucleic acids, protiens, lipids
  3. groups of cells with common functions
  4. substance not made of carbon and hydrogen
  5. epithelial: protection/ secretion, body surfaces; connective: support/bind, widely distributed; muscular: movement, bones; nervous: transmit/coordination, brain/spinal cord.

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  1. levels of organization (chemical)atoms-molecules-macromolecules


  2. sprainaffects ligaments


  3. 5 requirements for lifewater, food, oxygen, heat, pressure


  4. effects of exercisedisuse atrophy may occur by not working out. # of myofilaments increase. healthy blood flow and heart rate


  5. medialhead, neck, trunk