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  1. skeletal muscle
  2. 5 major functions of the skeletal system
  3. how does the body regulate temperature
  4. lysosomes
  5. treatment methods of cancer
  1. a laser surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, surgery
  2. b support, produce blood, movement, shape, storage
  3. c on bones, voluntary, striated
  4. d digestive sacs
  5. e homeostasis (shivers, goosebumps, sweating)

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  1. 1- average sunburn. 2-injures upper layer of dermis (blistering, scarring, swelling) 3-destroys dermis and epidermis (no pain nerves are damaged, infection)
  2. cells (organelles)- tissues- organs- organ systems- organism
  3. close to surface
  4. 206
  5. synthesize proteins

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  1. means of cancer detectionprotons, neutrons, electrons


  2. anabolismcells make complex molecules from simpler compounds


  3. physiologystudy of bodily fuctions


  4. tissuegroups of cells with common functions


  5. 4 primary signs of inflammationheat swelling pain redness