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  1. levels of organization (chemical)
  2. organic
  3. nucleolus
  4. cartilage vs. bone
  5. chondrocyte
  1. a site of ribosome synthesis
  2. b cartilage: flexible. bones: heals faster, more dense
  3. c atoms-molecules-macromolecules
  4. d substances made of carbon and hydrogen
  5. e cartilage cell

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  1. 1- average sunburn. 2-injures upper layer of dermis (blistering, scarring, swelling) 3-destroys dermis and epidermis (no pain nerves are damaged, infection)
  2. toward side
  3. fontanels: soft spots on infants head allow room for growth and compression during birth
  4. genetic, pathogenic organisims, tumors and cancer, physical/chemical agents, malnutrition, autoimmunity, inflammation, degeneration
  5. passive: high to low, no energy, diffusion; active: low to high, energy, endocytosis

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  1. 10 characteristics of living thingsmovement, growth, reproduction, breathing, digestion, circulation, response, excretion, absorption, assimilation


  2. strainaffects muscles


  3. osteoblastsbone forming


  4. chromatinaffects muscles


  5. lysosomesdigestive sacs