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  1. catabolism
  2. anabolism
  3. purpose of cellular respiration
  4. superficial
  5. 10 characteristics of living things
  1. a close to surface
  2. b break down of food compounds into simpler compounds
  3. c cells make complex molecules from simpler compounds
  4. d breaks down food and make ATP using oxygen
  5. e movement, growth, reproduction, breathing, digestion, circulation, response, excretion, absorption, assimilation

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  1. limbs, extremities
  2. digestive sacs
  3. groups of cells with common functions
  4. nematode(roundworm), platyhelmenthes(flat worms), arthropods (mites, vector)
  5. study of morphology (parts)

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  1. levels of organization (humans)cells (organelles)- tissues- organs- organ systems- organism


  2. golgi apparatusbone forming


  3. ribosomesdigestive sacs


  4. deepfar from surface


  5. means of cancer detectionself examination, diagnostic imaging, blood tests, biopsy