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  1. lysosomes
  2. tendon
  3. tissue
  4. 3 things that all cells have
  5. passive vs active transport
  1. a groups of cells with common functions
  2. b digestive sacs
  3. c connect muscle to bone
  4. d plasma membrane, cytoplasm (with ribosomes), DNA
  5. e passive: high to low, no energy, diffusion; active: low to high, energy, endocytosis

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  1. contractile unit of muscle
  2. toward trunk
  3. disuse atrophy may occur by not working out. # of myofilaments increase. healthy blood flow and heart rate
  4. dna make copies of themselves
  5. synthesize proteins

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  1. dislocationdna make copies of themselves


  2. levels of organization (humans)open compound, closed simple, complete, incomplete, comminuted, impacted, linear, transverse, oblique


  3. strainaffects muscles


  4. mitochondria"powerhouse" transforms energy (ATP)


  5. how does the body regulate temperaturehomeostasis (shivers, goosebumps, sweating)