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  1. smooth muscle
  2. pathogenic animals (vector?)
  3. golgi apparatus
  4. skin coloration
  5. superficial
  1. a close to surface
  2. b "stack of sacs" packages proteins for secretion
  3. c hollow organs/irises, no striations, involuntary, viceral and multiunit
  4. d melanin
  5. e nematode(roundworm), platyhelmenthes(flat worms), arthropods (mites, vector)

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  1. far from surface
  2. skin pigment
  3. plasma membrane, cytoplasm (with ribosomes), DNA
  4. in heart, involuntary, striated, actin myosin
  5. porous, soft

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  1. compact boneporous, soft


  2. distaltoward side


  3. strainaffects muscles


  4. posteriortoward front


  5. how does the body regulate temperaturehomeostasis (shivers, goosebumps, sweating)