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The visible light we see from our Sun comes from which part?


The phrase "hydrostatic equilibrium" in the Sun refers to the

Balance of gravity inward and gas pressure outward

The number of sunspots and solar activity in general peaks

Every 11 years

The temperature in the surface of the Sun is 5800 K. What is the expected dominant wavelength of the Sun?

500 nm

In the proton- proton chain, the net reaction is that 4 hydrogen nuclei are converted to 1 helium nucleus and ______ are released.

Gamma ray photons, positrons, and neutrinos

The rotation of the Sun is

Fastest at the equator, slower at mid- latitudes, and slowest near the poles.

What is surprising about the atmosphere of the sun?

The temperature of the suns atmosphere, after falling above the photosphere, rises again to reach very high values high in the atmosphere.

If coronal mass ejection occurs on the sun that expels material at a speed of 800 km/s how long will it take these charged particles to reach the earth

2.1 days

The chromosphere appears red because:

Its spectrum is dominated by Ha emission

What is the explanation for the bright cells of photospheric gases that make up the cellular granulation pattern seen on the visible surface of the Sun?

The cells are the tops of blobs of hot gas that have risen from the Sun's convective zone.

What tow energy transport mechanisms, in order from outside the core to the surface, is found in the sun?

Radiactive diffusion, convection

Which of the three ways by which heat energy can be transmitted from one place to another- radiation, conduction, convection- is important in the solar interior below the surface of the sun?

Radiation and convection

A loop of gas following the magnetic field lines between sunspots' poles is

A prominence

Sunspots are cooler than the rest of the sun's surface, sometimes by as much as 1500 K. What would be the peak wavelength of the radiation for the sunspot, when compared to that from the rest of the sun?

It would be at a longer wavelength

The surface of the sun near its edge appears dimmer and cooler than at the center of the disk viewed in visible light because we see

Less deeply into the sun near the edge than at disk center and temperature increases with depth

A visible light spectrum of the sun reveals many dark absorption lines. These lines are caused by photon absorption, which takes place in the


When two protons and two neutrons combine to form 4He, it is found that this helium nucleus is less massive than the sum of the four original particles used to construct it. What is the significance of this?

The lost mass is transferred into energy.

Nuclear fusion is the

Combining of light nuclei (ex. Hydrogen) to produce heavier nuclei (ex. Helium) with a resultant release of energy.

The core of the Sun, in which the Sun's thermonuclear energy is produced, takes up about

About ¼ of the suns radius.

What are the most energetic eruptive events to occur on the Sun?

Coronal mass ejections

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