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  1. 8 years old; first year to do volunteer hours; receive jacket with pocket
  2. Did Larissa know exactly where Roberto or anyone else went when they were released?
  3. Describe the Ceremony. Tell what happened at the Naming and the other age levels.
  4. What were the two occasions when release was not punishment?
  5. What was Jonas's dream about? What did his mother and father say about It?
  1. a it was very secretive and she only knew they had a ceremony and walked through the door
  2. b elderly and newborn
  3. c He was trying to convince Fiona to let him take care of her, that he was experiencing feelings & they needed to be controlled
  4. d will have to help others in the community during spare time and will now have to be responsible for their own things
  5. e Everyone received a privilege or event as their age progressed to show their growing maturity level

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  1. he wanted to bring the child to his house because the night-watchers were socially unfit
  2. a deep, sickening feeling of something terrible about to happen
  3. it decided his career for the rest of his life
  4. When the chief didn't call his # he thought she made a mistake, but she never made a mistake so he asked himself "What did he do wrong?"
  5. learn to comfort themselves and learn independence

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  1. New Children; live at nurturing centerlearn uniformly and with strangers


  2. What were Jonas and the other children taught to be careful about?their language


  3. 12 years old; last ceremony; will receive adult assignmentslearn how to be interdependent on each other


  4. What fascinated Jonas about his father?Assistant Director of Recreation


  5. 10 years old; haircutbecome even more independent and will have to abide by rules with children and adults