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  1. Describe the Assignment of Birthmother. What did Lily's parents say about it?
  2. Describe the Ceremony. Tell what happened at the Naming and the other age levels.
  3. What evening ritual did the family perform after dinner?
  4. 10 years old; haircut
  5. 12 years old; last ceremony; will receive adult assignments
  1. a Everyone received a privilege or event as their age progressed to show their growing maturity level
  2. b no longer a child, will learn how they can work in their community to make it better and learn to take their role in the community
  3. c share their feelings
  4. d no longer a child; shorter hair makes the children feel more responsible and lose the childlike bows
  5. e they have all the babies of the community/ her parents think it is not an honorable assignment

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  1. learn to be precise with words and fit into community standards of clear language
  2. apprehensive because of the ceremony of 12
  3. will have to help others in the community during spare time and will now have to be responsible for their own things
  4. it was a big celebration, and speeches were given on his behalf
  5. become even more independent and will have to abide by rules with children and adults

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  1. Describe the jacket that the Fours, Fives, and Sixes wore, and the reason it was designed the way it was. Also describe the jacket the SEvens wore, and what it symbolized.4s, 5s & 6s wore jacket with buttons back so they would have to help each other learn interdependence; 7s get front buttons and it was the first sign of independence and very 1st symbol of growing up


  2. What was unusual about Jonas and the new child?they had blue eyes


  3. 6 years old; last year with buttons down the backlearn how to be interdependent on each other


  4. Did Larissa know exactly where Roberto or anyone else went when they were released?apprehensive because of the ceremony of 12


  5. What happened when Jonas's number should have been called? What did Jonas think?When the chief didn't call his # he thought she made a mistake, but she never made a mistake so he asked himself "What did he do wrong?"


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