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  1. What was Jonas's dream about? What did his mother and father say about It?
  2. New Children; live at nurturing center
  3. What evening ritual did the family perform after dinner?
  4. What did Father want to do about the new child, and why?
  5. 6 years old; last year with buttons down the back
  1. a He was trying to convince Fiona to let him take care of her, that he was experiencing feelings & they needed to be controlled
  2. b learn uniformly and with strangers
  3. c he wanted to bring the child to his house because the night-watchers were socially unfit
  4. d learn how to be interdependent on each other
  5. e share their feelings

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  1. when he sneaked a look at the list of names because his father broke the rules
  2. it decided his career for the rest of his life
  3. become even more independent and will have to abide by rules with children and adults
  4. Everyone received a privilege or event as their age progressed to show their growing maturity level
  5. 4s, 5s & 6s wore jacket with buttons back so they would have to help each other learn interdependence; 7s get front buttons and it was the first sign of independence and very 1st symbol of growing up

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  1. 12 years old; last ceremony; will receive adult assignmentsno longer a child, will learn how they can work in their community to make it better and learn to take their role in the community


  2. What were Jonas and the other children taught to be careful about?it decided his career for the rest of his life


  3. Did Larissa know exactly where Roberto or anyone else went when they were released?it was very secretive and she only knew they had a ceremony and walked through the door


  4. 11 years old; receive new clothes and undergarments, last year of full time school, receive calculatorsshowing the maturity of the children physically; last year to obtain knowledge and now showing that males will be working more on math than the females


  5. What Assignment did Asher get?no longer a child; shorter hair makes the children feel more responsible and lose the childlike bows