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  1. Structures that course through only portion of adductor canal
  2. Spinal levels of innervation to muscles of the hand
  3. Innervation of adductor magnus
  4. Muscle that forms floor of popliteal fossa
  1. a C8 and T1
  2. b Saphenous nerve, nerve to vastus medialis, descending genicular vessels
  3. c Popliteus
  4. d Obturator, tibial portion of Sciatic

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  1. Tibial
  2. Median
  3. Sural (S1)
  4. Tibial
  5. Anterior talofibular

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  1. Ligament stretched with "flat foot"Plantar calcaneonavicular (spring)


  2. Primary (major) flexor of the forearmBrachialis


  3. Fracture of distal radius that produces "dinner fork" appearanceTibialis anterior


  4. Nerve affected by cubital tunnel syndromeUlnar


  5. Innervation of adductor pollicisUlnar (deep br.)