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  1. Muscles innervated by axillary nerve
  2. Nerve to thenar compartment
  3. Osseous structure palpated deep to "anatomical snuff box"
  4. Major artery to head of femur in adult
  5. Structure immediately lateral to femoral sheath
  1. a Recurrent branch of Median
  2. b Femoral nerve
  3. c Deltoid and teres minor
  4. d Scaphoid
  5. e Medial femoral circumflex

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  1. Intrinsic hand muscles
  2. Quadriceps femoris
  3. Ulnar
  4. Tibialis anterior
  5. Meniscus injury

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  1. Dermatome of thumbC6


  2. Most commonly injured ankle ligamentClavicle


  3. Nerve injured with fracture of surgical neck of humerusRadial


  4. Major spinal cord level of nerve affected causing foot slapL4


  5. Orientation of structures located in the cubital fossa-Lateral to MedialScaphoid