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  1. Cutaneous innervation of most of dorsum of foot
  2. Nerve affected when pelvis tilts to unsupported side during gait
  3. Spinal levels of innervation to muscles of the hand
  4. Structures that course through only portion of adductor canal
  5. Cutaneous innervation of heel
  1. a Tibial
  2. b Superficial fibular
  3. c C8 and T1
  4. d Saphenous nerve, nerve to vastus medialis, descending genicular vessels
  5. e Superior gluteal n.

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  1. Vastus medialis
  2. L4
  3. Popliteus
  4. Ulnar and median
  5. Deep fibular

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  1. Muscles innervated by axillary nerveC5 and C6


  2. Chief evertors of footTibialis anterior and posterior


  3. Chief invertors of footTibialis anterior and posterior


  4. Innervation to nail bed of middle fingerObturator, tibial portion of Sciatic


  5. Region affected by upper trunk injury of brachial plexus (C5-C6)Fibularis brevis