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  1. Innervation of adductor magnus
  2. Injury to what nerve causes winged scapula
  3. Cutaneous innervation to dorsal aspect of web between toes 1 and 2
  4. Cutaneous innervation to lateral side of foot
  5. Nerve injured with fracture of medial humeral epicondyle
  1. a Sural (S1)
  2. b Long thoracic nerve
  3. c Deep fibular
  4. d Ulnar
  5. e Obturator, tibial portion of Sciatic

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  1. Popliteus
  2. Ulnar (deep br.)
  3. Femoral nerve
  4. Recurrent branch of Median
  5. Median

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  1. Region affected by lower trunk injury of brachial plexus (C8-T1)Intrinsic hand muscles


  2. Spinal levels of axillary nerveC5 and C6


  3. Locking of knee when walking suggestsMeniscus injury


  4. Dermatome of thumbS1


  5. Nerve affected when pelvis tilts to unsupported side during gaitTibial