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  1. Region affected by upper trunk injury of brachial plexus (C5-C6)
  2. Injury to what nerve causes winged scapula
  3. Innervation to nail bed of ring finger
  4. Most frequently fracture carpal bone
  5. Last portion of quadriceps femoris to recover following injury
  1. a Scaphoid
  2. b Vastus medialis
  3. c Shoulder
  4. d Long thoracic nerve
  5. e Ulnar and median

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  1. Biceps brachii
  2. Scaphoid
  3. Deep inguinal lymph nodes
  4. L4
  5. Median

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  1. Specific muscle that holds patella in placeQuadriceps femoris


  2. Structure immediately lateral to femoral sheathFemoral nerve


  3. Cutaneous innervation of heelTibialis anterior and posterior


  4. Cutaneous innervation to dorsal aspect of web between toes 1 and 2Saphenous (L4)


  5. Major artery to head of femur in adultMedial femoral circumflex