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  1. Nerve affected by cubital tunnel syndrome
  2. Chief invertors of foot
  3. Nerve affected when pelvis tilts to unsupported side during gait
  4. Major injury triad with lateral impact to knee
  5. Muscle affected with "foot slap"
  1. a Tibialis anterior
  2. b Ulnar
  3. c Medial collateral, medial meniscus, and anterior cruciate ligament
  4. d Tibialis anterior and posterior
  5. e Superior gluteal n.

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  1. Meniscus injury
  2. Sural (S1)
  3. Long head of biceps
  4. Femoral artery and vein
  5. Deltoid

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  1. Muscles innervated by axillary nerveDeltoid and teres minor


  2. Ligament stretched with "flat foot"Plantar calcaneonavicular (spring)


  3. Dermatome of thumbS1


  4. Major spinal cord level of nerve affected causing foot slapL4


  5. Nerve to thenar compartmentC6