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  1. Major spinal cord level of nerve affected causing foot slap
  2. Chief invertors of foot
  3. Cutaneous innervation to dorsal aspect of web between toes 1 and 2
  4. Structure immediately medial to femoral artery in femoral sheath
  5. Nerve injured with fracture of shaft of humerus
  1. a Femoral vein
  2. b Deep fibular
  3. c L4
  4. d Tibialis anterior and posterior
  5. e Radial

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  1. Ulnar
  2. Quadriceps femoris
  3. Biceps brachii
  4. Ulnar
  5. Ulnar and median

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  1. Spinal level of patellar reflexL4


  2. Major dermatome to big toeC6


  3. Nerve affected with fracture of head and neck of fibulaAxillary


  4. Muscle that is chief flexor at hip jointIliopsoas


  5. Specific muscle that holds patella in placeVastus medialis


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