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  1. Ligament that checks backward displacement of femur on tibia
  2. Muscle affected with "foot slap"
  3. Cutaneous innervation to medial side of foot
  4. Spinal levels of innervation to muscles of the hand
  5. Cutaneous innervation to dorsal aspect of web between toes 1 and 2
  1. a Saphenous (L4)
  2. b Deep fibular
  3. c C8 and T1
  4. d Tibialis anterior
  5. e Anterior cruciate

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  1. Median
  2. L4
  3. Medial femoral circumflex
  4. Tibial
  5. Anterior talofibular

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  1. Fracture of distal radius that produces "dinner fork" appearanceColle's fracture


  2. Orientation of structures located in the cubital fossa-Lateral to MedialPlantar calcaneonavicular (spring)


  3. Spinal levels of axillary nerveL4


  4. Most frequently fracture carpal boneLunate


  5. Nerve to thenar compartmentS1


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