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  1. Muscles which extend the thigh and flex the leg
  2. Region affected by lower trunk injury of brachial plexus (C8-T1)
  3. Joints for movements of inversion and eversion
  4. Innervation to nail bed of ring finger
  5. Chief invertors of foot
  1. a Intrinsic hand muscles
  2. b Subtalar and transverse Tarsal
  3. c Hamstrings
  4. d Ulnar and median
  5. e Tibialis anterior and posterior

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  1. Brachialis
  2. Ulnar (deep br.)
  3. Quadriceps femoris
  4. Ulnar
  5. L4

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  1. Tendon that courses through shoulder jointLong head of biceps


  2. Muscle that is the chief flexor and chief extensor at shoulder jointLong head of biceps


  3. Spinal level of Achilles reflexS1


  4. Nerve affected with fracture of head and neck of fibulaCommon fibular


  5. Muscle that prevents pelvis from tilting when walkingGluteus medius