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  1. Specific muscle that holds patella in place
  2. Major dermatome to big toe
  3. Cutaneous innervation to medial side of foot
  4. Muscle affected with "foot slap"
  5. Osseous structure palpated deep to "anatomical snuff box"
  1. a Scaphoid
  2. b Saphenous (L4)
  3. c Vastus medialis
  4. d L4
  5. e Tibialis anterior

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  1. Lacunar ligament
  2. Colle's fracture
  3. Fibularis brevis
  4. Trapezius and serratus anterior
  5. Femoral artery and vein

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  1. Spinal level of patellar reflexC5 and C6


  2. Muscles innervated by axillary nerveDeltoid and teres minor


  3. Muscle that initiates abduction of armSupraspinatus


  4. Region affected by upper trunk injury of brachial plexus (C5-C6)Shoulder


  5. Muscle that prevents pelvis from tilting when walkingGluteus medius