wright brothers test (leadership book)


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a persons leadership ability comes from two sources
their natural talent, and their leadership education, training, and experience
if anyone can be a leader why are leaders so rare
maybe its because leadership requires hard work. or because leadership requires an uncommon willingness to put the team's needs ahead of one's own
define warriors
warriors defend something valuable-their personal honor
what are core values
the core values are the four basic qualities CAP expects all members to display at all times: integrity first, volunteer service, excellence in all we do, and respect
define integrity first
integrity is the willingness to do what is right even when no one is looking
define volunteer service
volunteer service is about "selflessness" its the difference between giving and taking.
define excellence in all we do
no matter what challenge is facing you, you will give it your best effort
define respect
someone who is respectful treats others as they would like to be treated
define self awareness
to know how well you are living up to the ideals of the core values requires self-awareness, the ability to monitor and judge your own actions
define self discipline
self discipline can be defined as the ability to direct your thoughts, emotions, and actions toward a meaningful purpose
one way cadets develop self discipline
through drill and ceremonies
the state of mind that lies behind your every action is called attitude
what do all attitudes have
all attitudes, good and bad, are contagious. your attitude affects your team's attitude
what do positive attitudes do
a positive attitude begins in the realization that attitude is a choice--you can choose to be positive, or you can choose to be negative
for actions what should everyone do
everyone must answer for their actions, regardless of their rank. even the president is accountable to the american people
an oath is a solemn promise
military customs and courtesies
they are small, but important expressions of politeness and mutual respect
rooted in politeness
all military customs and courtesies are rooted in basic politeness and respect
never a mark of humiliation
military customs and courtesies are never a mark of inferiority or servility
teaching tools
cadets strengthen their self discipline and maintain a positive attitude by habitually and cheerfully rendering customs and courtesis
the uniform is a vehicle for learning self discipline, personal responsibility, and self respect
one persons conduct reflects on everyone else in the group
drill and ceremonies
a units performance on the drill field is a measure of the cadets' sense of self discipline
chain of command
the chain of command is the order of authority
one person is responsible
final responsibility for getting a job done ought to be a assigned to a single individual
benefits of having a chain of command
therefore, another benefit of having a chain of command is that it re-enforces the idea that everyone is accountable to another leader
the chain in civilian society
most organizations use some type of leadership hierarchy
the chain in practice
the chain functions best when people resolve issues at the lowest possible level
what is to be avoided
jumping the chain
self management
the process of directing and controlling your actions so that you can achieve your goal in life
is simply a dream with a deadline
future picture
a clear and compelling description of what you want your life to look like at some point in the future
benefits of goal setting
goals give you a sense of mission, a rudder, a meaningful purpose
good leaders
good leaders follow a decision making process
time management
the process of organizing and using your time wisely
is a broad term describing how well a leader is making use of their time and other resources
the practice of putting off for no good reason a task that should be done right now
is the body's response to change