Catcher In the Rye chapter 14-19


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who is Bobby Fallon?
A neighbor and friend from Maine several years ago
Who does Holden talk to after Sunny leaves his room?
1. tells Allie he feels guilty because he didn't let Allie go w/him and friend Bobby Fallon on bikes to the lake Sedebego
2. tries to change past and tells Allie to go home and get his bike
why does Holden feel like pray but doesn't end up doing it?
because he can't always pray when he feels like it, and he is sort of an atheist
What is it that Holden finds disturbing about the deciples?
He thinks they were okay after Jesus died but while he was alive they were as useless as a hole in the head because they kept letting him down
who does Holden like best in the bible?
The lunatic that lived in tombs and kept cutting himself with stones, and Jesus
Who is Arthur Childs?
A boy at Whooton school that Holden discusses religious issues
How does Holden's views of Judas differ from that of Arthurs?
Holden belives that Jesus wouldn't send the Judas to Hell even though he betrayed him
How does Holden say that Jesus chose his disiples?
He randomly chose disciples with flaws because he didn't have time to analyze everyone
Why doesn't Holden go to church?
His parents are different religions and all the children are atheist
Who was knocking at Holden's door? How does he know who's knocking on the door before he answers it?
Maurice and Sunny
He says he is psychic
What was he wearing when he answered the door?
Why did Maurice and Sunny come to his room?
They owe him $5
Why doesn't Holden like ministers?
They are phonies with their fake Holy voices
How does Maurice respond when Holden says he will yell if Maurice "roughs him up"?
He says if he yells his parents will find out he spent the night with a prostitute
What does Maurice do to Holden?
He snaps his pajamas and punches him in the stomach
What does Holden say that makes Maurice so upset?
That he is a dirty moron and in 2 years will be guy on the street asking for a dime for a coffee and will have snot on his dirty coat
What does Holden fantasize about?
that Maurice shot him in the guts so he goes to the bathroom to get a shot of bourbon and then walk downstairs and ring the elevator bell and once Maurice opens the door he would scream to let him go but he would shoot him 6 times through his hairy belly and wipe off gun for finger prints through it down the elevator shaft and call Jane and have her come over and bandage him up
Why does Holden decide not to take his own life and jump out the window?
He didn't want a bunch of "rubbernecks" looking at his body while he was all gory
Why didn't Holden call Jane, and who did he call instead?
He wasn't in the mood, so he calls Sally Hayes
describe Sally Hayes
she knows a lot about theater and plays and that's why it took Holden so long to find out she isn't intelligent and she is a phony and knows her because she went to Mary A. Woodruff
What word does Sally say that Holden hates?
What did Holden do when he left the hotel
He took a cab to the Grand Central Station and put his bags into some sort of a locker and goes to get breakfast at a Sandwich bar
what information about Holden's parents do we learn?
Holden always forgets to pick up his change at resturants and it drives his parents crazy
His father is wealthy and a corporation lawyer and always invests his money in shows on broadway that always flop
his mother is nervous
What happened with the suitcases?
Holden roomed with Dick Slagle at Elkton Hills and kept his suitcases under his bed instead of on the rack and he thought it was because his was made of real cowhide and were expensive so he put his under his bed so Dick could put his on the rack but he put Holden's suitcase on the rack so people would think they were his
Why does Holden say it is harder to room with people when you have better suitcases?
Because you think they are intelligent and and have a good sense of humor that they won't care if you have a better suitcase, but they do and that is why he roomed with Stradlater because his suitcases were as good as his
How much does Holden donate to the nuns?
What do the nuns teach
The one with the iron glasses and big nose taught English and the other one taught History and American Gov.
what is Holden's attitude towards nuns?
He feels respect and admiration because they seem genuinely good and innocent in their hearts
What is significant about the reference to Mercutio?
Holden ignores Romeo and Juliet and is affected by the injustices of Mercutio's death and sees him as a victum to life's cruelties
Who did the nun remind him of?
Ernest Morrow's mother because she was so nice
What is the importance of the monologue about Catholosism?
Holden sees religion as a barrio between people
What happened with Louis Shaney?
He was the first person he met at the Whooton school and they were waiting to get their physicals and were talking about tennis and how they made it to nationals and hot shot tennis players and then Louis asked if he knew where the nearest church was. This didn't do any good for the conversation when he said that he wasn't Catholic
What happened when Holden went to say goodbye to the nuns?
He was smoking and when he said goodbye to them the smoke blew in their faces by accident and he was so embarassed
Why couldn't she picture her aunt or Sally Haynes mother collecting for charity
His aunt wouldn't do it if she couldn't wear make-up and had to wear all black, and Sally's mother would get upset if someone just dropped money in and didn't say anything and quit in an hour because she was board and go somewhere swanky for lunch.
What did Holden say he liked about the nuns?
That they never went anywhere swanky for lunch
What record did Holden get for Phoebe?
"Little Shirley Beans" about a little kid that wouldn't go out of the house because her front teeth were gone and she was ashamed to and was sung by a colored girl Estelle Fletcher and he liked it because it didn't sound cute
Why did Holden find Catholics annoying?
They were always trying to find out if you were also Catholic
What was Holdens last meal
with Ackley and Brossard in Agerstown having hamburgers
What was Dick's favorite word?
bourgeois (middle class)
Why does Holden describe the child on the street as swell
Because he was singing if a body catch a body coming through the rye and was walking in the street and he probably liked the song that he sang and it had an impact on him
look at pg 115
about movies?
What happened when Holden went in the drugstore?
He went in a phone booth and called Jane, but her mom answered so he hung up because he didn't want to get into a long conversation with her
What tickets did Holden get and why would Sally like it?
Tickets for two orchestra seats for "I Know My love" and Sallly would like it because the Lunts were in it and she like shows that had them in it and Holden doesn't like shows which aren't as bad as movies
Why does Holden hate actors?
Because they never act like people and the good ones always make it so that you know they think they are good and it spoils it
What happened with Hamlet?
In Hamlet D.B. was talking about how good it was but he didn't enjoy it because Sir Lawrence Olivier, and how he was good when he was dueling or walking but he wasn't always that way, and how he didn't like Hamlet because he was a general instead of a screwed up guy
What is Holden's favorite part of Hamlet?
Was when Ophelia was horsing around with her brother, taking his dagger out of the hoister as her father was giving advice and was about to shoot a bull
What was phoebe's favorite part of Hamlet?
Was when Hamlet patted a dog on the head
what does the reference to Hamlet reveal?
that he likes Hamlet but doesn't like the casting
How did Holden describe the park?
had nothing but dog poop, globs of spit and cigar buts from old men, and the benches all looked like they were wet.
Where does Phoebe like to skate?
near the mall by the bandstand the same place he used to skate
What was the basis of the museum ( the Museum of Natural History)'s appeal to Holden?
It always smelt like it was raining and everything stayed right where it was and nothing ever moved the only thing that would change was you
Who was Holden's teacher?
Miss. Aigletinger and they went to the museum every Saturday and looked at the Indians and animals
Who was Holden's partner?
Gertrude Levine and she always wanted to hold your hand and hers was always sticky or sweaty
What happened once he got to the museum?
He said you couldn't pay him 1 million bucks to go inside he would have though if Phoebe was their
What is significant about the remembrance of Harris Macklin?
He roomed with him for 2 months at Elkton Hills. He was a bore with a very raspy voice and was a good whistler but he never told him that and through this remembrance he is able to ease his anxiety about girls marrying the wrong guys and creates peace in his mind by saying bores might have secret talents and they never hurt anyone.
What was the play about
It was about one of those couples where the parents don't want them to be together but still are together and the husband goes to war. Holden couldn't become interested because they kept on drinking tea and leaving the stage so often that it got hard to keep track of
What does Holden say about the actors?
That they were showing off and once someone said something someone would say something really fast right after and were all interrupting each other. Reminded him of Ernie (the piano player)
Why does he say the people are phonies during the intermission?
Because they all talked about the play so everyone knew how sharp they were
What happened with the Ivy Leaugue guy?
George who went to Andover came up to her and they started talking like they hadn't seen each other in 20 years and like they were long lost friends when they probably only met each other once at a party and stated listing people they knew
What was so annoying about George?
How he called the Lunts angels and how after the show he had to meet some more Ivy League phonies for cocktails and how his voice was one of those snobby voices
What was Sally's marvelous idea?
That they go ice skating at Radio City and she changed into a blue dress and they both were the worst skaters
When they went inside for a table what proposal did Holden make?
For them to run away together and live in Massachusets or Vermont and live in a brook and he has $180 and once that runs out he will get a job and they will get married she said no
She says to do those things after college
Holden says they won't be able to after college because it won't be fun and will have a job and basically do the things adults do and be a phony
What does Holden say as they leave from their table?
Lets leave you give me a royal pain in the a** and she starts to cry and he appoligizes and offers to take her home but she says she can take herself home and he starts to laugh and then she just got madder so he left her alone
What did he eat when he left the skating rink?
A swiss cheese sandwich and a malt
Why does Holden want to call Jane?
So he can dance with her
Who is Al Pike?
He went to choate and was Janes date to a Fourth of July dance at a club
Who is Carl Luce?
Is three years older than him and goes to Columbia and had the highest I.Q. out of everyone at Whooton school
Who would Jesus have like in the Rockette show?
The guy that plays the kettle drums in the orchestra