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Revolutionary War Review

French and Indian War
British fight the French and Indians over land
Proclamation of 1763
a statement made by the King stating the colonist could not move west of the Appalachians
King George III
King of Britian during the Revolutionary War
imposed by King George to help pay for the French and Indian War
Boston Tea Party
A protest against the tea tax. Sons of Liberty threw 342 chests of tea into Boston's harbor.
Thomas Jefferson
wrote the draft of the Declaration of Independence
George Washington
Commander in Chief of the Continental Army
Battle of Lexington
1st battle was here
Patrick Henry
famous for saying "Give me liberty or give me death!"
Paul Revere
famous midnight rider to warn colonist the British were coming
Bunker Hill
important battle because colonist realize they can win this war....they just needed ammo
Battle of Yorktown
where General Cornwallis surrenders, last major battle
Treaty of Paris
the treaty that offically ended the revolution
Taxation without Representation
colonist had no voice in the British Parliment
Stamp Act
a tax issued on 54 different kinds of paper
Boston Massacre
British killed 5 colonists for throwing snowballs and rocks at them
Intolerable Acts
punishment to the Bostonians for throwing the tea into Boston Harbor
First Continental Congress
colonies met to discuss their rights and unite as one
men ready to fight in a minutes notice
supporter of your own country
supporter of the King and the British government
Battle of Saratoga
French decided to help the Americans with supplies, money, arms and officers
Thomas Paine
author of Common Sense
Declaration of Independence
document that told England Americans wanted to be free and independent
Benjamin Franklin
helped revise the Declaration of Independence, 1st Ambassador to France
July 4, 1776
the date the Declaration fo Independence was signed
John Hancok
first person to sign the Declaration of Independence
Valley Forge
not a battle, but many soldiers died due to lack of supplies, hunger, sickness and desertion(they gave up).
2nd Continental Congress
voted to get all colonies involved in war, made George Washington Commander-in-Chief, asked for France's help in war
Von Stuben
Trained American soldiers at Valley Forge
Mecklenburg Resolves
NC no longer had to follow British rule
Halifax Resolves
NC declared Independence from Britain.

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