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What are the 8 elements of a Public Relations Plan?

Situation, Objectives, Audience, Strategy, Tactics, Calendar Timeline, Budget, and Evaluation

Define Situation in the PR plan

Valid objectives cannot be set without a clear understanding of the situation that led to the conclusion that a public relation program was needed.

Define Objectives in a PR plan

Program outcomes rather than inputs, not the means but the end. It is evaluated by asking if it addresses the situation, realistic? achievable? measurable?

Define Audience in the PR plan.

The people you are trying to attract. Find out who wants your product and sell it to them

Define Strategy of the PR plan.

A somewhat Broad statement describing how an objective will be achieved. Provides guideline and key message themes for the overall program and also offers a rationale for the action and program components that are planned.

Things to think about when Planning: Facts

"1. Category facts- What are recent industry trends? 2. Product/service issues- What are the significant characteristics of hte product, service, or issue? 3. Competitive facts- Who are the competitors, and what are their competitive strengths, similarities, and differences? 4. Customer facts- Who uses the product and why?"

Things to think about when Planning: Goals

"1. Business objectives- What are the company's business objectives? What is the time frame? 2. Role of public relations- How does public relations fit into the marketing mix? 3. Sources of new business- What sectors will produce growth?"

Things to be thinking about when Planning: Audience

"1. Target audiences- What are the target audiences? What are their hot buttons? 2. Current mind-set- How do audiences feel about the product, service, or issue? 3. Desired mind-set- How do we want them to feel?"

Things to be thinking about when Planning: Key Mssage

"1. Main point- What one key message must be conveyed to change or reinforce mind-sets?

Define Tactics within the PR Plan

Describes the specific activities that put each strategy into operation and help to achieve the stated objective. ACTUALLY DOING the plan and in many ways the most visible part.

Define Calendar Timeline within the PR plan.

Determine a timetable for the campaign program when to start and finish. Timing of the campaign so that it is intended for your audience. Most of the effort should be put in at the beginning to “launch the rocket†Make a calendar so you know how long you have left for time consuming jobs.


How much you can spend, divided into 2 categories Staff time and Out of Pocket.

Define Evaluation within the PR plan.

"Measuring objectives to show clients and employers accomplishments and purpose. Criteria should be realistic credible and specific should restate the objectives and then name the evaluation methods to be used."

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