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Factors Affecting Oxygenation


-: hemoglobin transports 99% of oxygen to tissues
•Decreased Hb production, increased RBC
destruction, blood loss

Toxic inhalation

decreased binding sites
•Carbon monoxide

Increased Metabolic Rate

-Increased rate increased oxygen demand
-Oxygenation decreased if unable to meet
-Exercise, pregnancy, fever
-Prolonged or high fever
•Protein breakdown & muscle wasting
• RR & depth to rid waste products (CO2)


-Structural changes
• chest wall compliance, elastic recoil, functioning alveoli
-Defense mechanisms
• cilia function, cough force, immunity
-Respiratory control
• response to hypoxemia, hypercapnia

Deceased Inspired O2 Concentration

-Upper or lower airway obstruction
-Decreased environmental oxygen
-Incorrect setting on oxygen delivery


in excess of cellular need for oxygen
-Enhances alveolar ventilation & flushes out
-Decreased pCO2 producing alkalosis
-Usually self limiting
-Increases Hb affinity for O2 O2 held onto
the RBC

Respiratory Risk Factors

•Increased age


•Cigarette smoking

•Substance abuse

•Environmental pollution


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