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American Revolution

Breed's Hill
The Battle of Bunker Hill was fought mainly on which hill?
Who won the battle of Bunker Hill?
How many casualties did the British suffer at the Battle of Bunker Hill?
Nathaniel Greene
Which general was encouraged by the patriot effort at the Battle of Bunker Hill? (General ______ __________)
Henry Knox
Who did Washington name as his commander of artillery?
Siege of Boston
At the _______ __ ______, Dorchester Heights was a good military strategy, because it overlooked the British.
Ethan Allen, Benedict Arnold
Along with Henry Knox, which two men helped take cannons to Fort Ticonderoga during the Siege of Boston? (_______ _________, _________ ____________) alphabetical by last name
What are loyalists also known as?
A reason why Loyalists opposed the DOI: To resist the king was to rebel against ______
power, wealth
A reason why Loyalists opposed the DOI: They will lose _____ and _____ if the royal authority ends.
A reason why Loyalists opposed the DOI: loyalty to the king is as important as dedication to one's _______
Which side had these advantanges? a) highly trained, well supplied and accustomed to strict military discipline b) one of the world's most reliable fighting forces c)professional d)most powerful navy in the world e)have confidence
Which side had these advantages: a)fought on familiar ground (home turf) b) motivated by revolutionary zeal c)many soldiers in Continental army served in units recruited from the home colonies, with men they knew
Which side had the disadvantage of being unfamiliar with the land?
Which side had the disadvantage of having uniforms as blatant targets?
Which side had the disadvantage of being cocky?
Which side had the disadvantage of not being acquainted with the surprise attack strategies from their opponent?
Which side had the disadvantage of the lack of a powerful government?
Which side had the disadvantage of having the shortage of provisions and troops?
Slaves were offered ____ if they fought in the war.
Originally, was Washington for or against slaves fighting in the war?
Cayuga, Onondega, Mohawk, Seneca
The tribes of the Iroquois League that allied with the British (COMS)
Tuscarora, Oneida
The tribes of that Iroquois League that allied with the Americans (TO)
Joseph Brant
Thayendanegea, the Mohawk chief, was known to colonists as _________ __________
Were the American Indians highly coveted during the wars?
Robert Shurtleff
What was Deborah Sampson Gannet known as when she disguised herself as a man in the war?
Which side was Deborah Sampson Gannet on?
Who won the Battle of New York?
_______ took no prisoners, which meant an automatic death.
John Glover
Who led his militia from Massachusetts to man the boats to cross the Delaware River?
What came that led to the escape of the Patriots during the Battle of New York?
George Cornwallis
Who is the British field commander? (General ______ ____________)
At the Battle of Trenton, who strikes back after their previous loss at New York? (_____________)
While 918 were taken prisoner and 120 were killed/wounded of the 1,400 Hessian soldiers at Trenton, how many Americans were wounded? (because nobody died)
A week after his victory at Trenton, where does Washington ambush British regiments?
Where was the American's first major offensive attack that raised American morale?
Morristown, New Jersey
Where did Washington and his men take their 1776-1777 winter quarters?
The Philadelphia Campaign
What served at the British counterattack after their loss at the Battle of Trenton?
What one word condition were the Hessian soldiers at the Battle of Trenton?
What holiday led to the Hessian soldiers being drunk at the Battle of Trenton?
_______________ = the American capital city
As Howe made entered Philadelphia, who fled from Philadelphia to Lancaster and then to York, Pennsylvania?
Which government group meets in Philadelphia?
The element of ________ played a major role in the Battle of Brandywine.
Chad's Ford
Where did General Howe send his troops as a decoy during the Battle of Brandywine?
Wiaster's Ford
Where did the majority of Howe's troops and Howe go to during the Battle of Brandywine?
Wiaster's Ford
Which ford was unknown to the Americans that Howe crossed to attack them?
Which side won the Battle of Brandywine?
Which side won the Paoli Massacre?
Around how many Americans were killed at the Paoli Massacre?
John Burgoyne
Who was passive during the scalping of Jane McCrea? (General _____ _______)
Who was court martialed for his failed defense at the Paoli Massacre? (_last name__)
Was the man who was court martialed at the Paoli Massacre found guilty?
By the end of the Philadelphia campaign, Washington's troop size decreased from 15,000 to __________ men.
The victors at the Battle of Germantown
Battle of Germantown
The battle similar to the Battle of Trenton because it dealt with the element of surprise. (The _____ __ ________)
How many armies attacked Howe at the Battle of Germantown?
How many regiments attacked Howe at the Battle of Germantown?
Chief Justice Chew
The owner of the Chew House
What were the American soldiers primarily wasting when they continued to attack the unrelenting Chew House and Cliveden House during the Battle of Germantown?
Where was the temporary fort for George Washington after the Battle of Germantown?
November 2 - December 11
How long was the Continental Army situated at Fort Washington (Whitemarsh)? (from what date to what date)
Fort Hill
This hill was the western end of the Continental troop positions and was the site of the fort.
Militia Hill
The Pennsylvania Militia, under the command of generals Armstrong, Cadwalader and Irvine, held positions along this ridge.
Clifton House
Built in 1801, this building lies just north of Fort Hill and is also known as the Sandy Run Tavern
iron forges and foundries
What non-human thing was George Washington trying to protect when he left for Valley Forge after the Battle of Germantown?
Burgoyne, St. Leger
The two men of Howe's Northern Campaign who were to attak South from Canada (their last names, alphabetical)
This man's desperation and mistakes mobilizes public support to fight for the Americans. (last name)
While General Howe was advancing towards Philadelphia, British General ___last name____ was on the move to northern New York
Burgoyne and his men cross the Hudson River, where Patriot forces attack under General Horatio Gates in this battle. (Battle of ___________)
Who has more men at the Battle of Saratoga? Burgoyne or Gates?
The country that forms a formal alliance with the Americans at the Battle of Saratoga
The country that supplies troops, money, and a navy to the Americans during the Battle of Saratoga
The country that joined the war as France's ally in 1778
The country that became France's ally in 1780
Marquis de Lafayette
The French general in the Continental Army
Johan de Kalb
The German general in the Continental Army
Thaddeus Kosciusko
The Polish man who helped build effective defenses and strategies
Frierich von Steuben
The Prussian man who was the drill sergent and was instilled strictness and military strictness at Valley Forge
This man's secret to winning the war was "sheer determination of Americans to fight at all costs" (last name)
The British navy blockaded American ports, which created economic distress by thwarting __________.
Washington's army and American civilians could not get financial aid from the Continental Congress because it had no real _________.
paper money
The over-production of this led to inflation
Monmouth, new Jersey
When the British abandoned Philadelphia and moved north to reinfoce New York defenses, where did they go? (City, State)
Which side won at the Battle of Monmouth?
Indiana and Illinois
The George Rogers Clark captured all the British posts in these two states.
Ohio River Valley
The success at the Battle of Monmouth strengthened the Patriot's claim to the ____ __________ __________.
Nathaniel Greene
The new Patriot commander when fighting turns to the south in 1779.
Charleston, Savannah
The British Royal navy seizes these two major ports in the South.
civil war
The Southern phase was especially vicious because it was resembling that of a ______ ____
Who was General Cornwallis trying to pursue at the Battle of Yorktown? (last name)
The country that commander Rochameau is from
Admiral Francois De Grasse
The man who sailed north from the West Indies to the Chespeake to cut off British communication during the Battle of Yorktown (full title/name)
de Grasse
The French naval comander in the West Indies and joined his troops with British troops at Yorktown (last name)
Which side was outnumbered 2:1 at the Battle of Yorktown?
The side that surrendered at the Battle of Yorktown
The side that won the capture of Savannah
After the capture of Savannah, Savannah is _________ property for the rest of the war
By capturing the port of Savannah (and Charleston), the British planned to hurt the American _____
When the French and American troops tried to recapture the city of Savannah, did they fail with casualties?
The side that won the Siege of Charleston
The British general that was particularly happy with his victory at the Siege of CHarleston because he had had a previous attempt (General ___________)
The number of British forces in the area during the Siege of Charleston?
Siege of Charleston
It was three months of bombardment and is known as the single greatest American defeat in the entire war.
Horatio Gates
The victor at the Battle of Saratoga is made the new commander of the Continental Army at the Battle of Camden (first and last name)
Who had more men at the Battle of Camden? Cornwallis or Gates?
The side that won the Battle of Camden
Nathaniel Greene
The man who replaces Gates at the Battle of Camden after the American loss. (first and last name)
One word describing the American side who had more men at the Battle of Camden, but still lost in the end.
North Carolina
After his Camden victory, what state the Cornwallis enter?
The side that wins the Battle of Kings Mountain
Kings Mountain
The only large scale engagement of all American participants, except Colonel Patrick Ferguson (who leads the loyalists. (Battle of ___ __________)
Kings Mountain
The Battle of _____ _______ is the first real British set back of the Southern campaign.
Which side wins the Battle of Cowpens?
Where did American General Morgan gather his forces during the Battle of Cowpens?
The British defeat at the Battle of Cowpens profoundly quiets _________________ activity in the Carolinas.
Rebels encircle British with skilled _______ at the Battle of Cowpens.
Which side won the Battle of Guilford Court House?
Who was outnumbered in men at the Battle of Guilford Court House? (Greene or Cornwallis)?
Cornwallis lost almost ________ men (over one-fouth of his original force) at the Battle of Guilford Court House
Which side loses at the Battle of Eutaw Springs?
At the Battle of Eutaw Springs, the British realize they cannot hold onto places like Euraw Springs (near Charleston) because they do not have ___________.
Which side wins at the Battle of Yorktown?
Cornwallis believes that to conquer the Carolinas, he must first conquer_____________. (which state)
Chesapeake Bay
George Washington abandoned his plan against the British in New York when he heard a French fleet was nearing ________________ _______ (which will prevent reinforcements from going to Cornwallis)
On October 17th, Cornwallis negotiates with Washington (at the end of the Siege of Yorktown) and two days later, _____(Cornwallis or Washington)_______ and his army surrender.
upside down
When Cornwallis surrenders after the Siege of Yorktown, "the world turns _______-____