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Literally 'middle age,' a term that historians of use for the time period between about 500 to 1500


King of Franks; conquered Gaul; earned support of Gaul and Church of Rome by converting to Chiristianity


Germanic people who lived and held power in Gaul. By 511 the Franks had united into one kingdom and they controlled the largest and strongest parts of Europe

Battle of Tours

732 AD Christians defeat Muslim invaders and stop the spread of Islam into Europe


Frankish king who conquered most of Europe and was crowned Holy Roman Emperor by Pope Leo III in the year 800

Charles Martel

Frankish commander for the battle of Tours


Scandinavian peoples whose sailors raided Europe from the 700's through the 1100's


An ethnic group centered in present-day Hungary


An economic and political system based on relationships between various social classes with the monarch at the top and peasants at the bottom


A lord who was granted land in exchange for service and loyalty to a greater lord

Feudal contract

Exchange of pledges between lords and vassals


Grant of land in a feudal contract


a European noble who served as a mounted warrior


a series of jousts between knights contesting for a prize

Common law

a body of rulings made by judges that become part of a nation's legal system


a traveling poet and musician of the Middle Ages


the buying and selling of goods


Unfree peasant


one of the Christian ceremonies in which God's grace is transmitted to people

Benedictine Rule

Set of rules that govern monk's lives



Papal Supremacy

The claim of medieval popes that they had authority over all secular rulers

Canon Law

laws made by the church


Exclusion from the Roman Catholic Church as penalty for refusing to obey Church law


excommunication of an entire town, region, or kingdom


A medieval European monk who traveled from place to place preaching to the poor

St. Francis of Assisi

Italian saint who founded the Franciscan order of friars; treated all creatures, including animals, as spiritual brothers and sisters; born to wealthy merchant family and willingly gave up a life of comfort

St. Dominic

He founded the Dominicans who were dedicated to combating heresies


a written grant of rights and privileges by a ruler or government to a community, class of people, or organization


money for investment


a group of merchants who joined together to finance a large-scale venture that would have been too costly for any individual trader

Tenant farmer

someone who would pay rent to a lord to farm part of the lord's land

Middle class

the class ranked between nobles and peasants in medieval society


a medieval association of merchants or artisans who cooperated to uphold standards of their trade and to protect their economic interests


a person who works for an expert in a trade or craft in return for training


a person who has learned a particular trade or craft but has not become an employer, or master


A person belonging to a tribe or group that is considered uncivilized

Roman Catholic Church

the Christian church headed by the pope in Rome


the bishop of Rome and supreme leader of the Roman Catholic Church


A ruler, such as a king or queen


a large estate, including farmland and villages, held by a lord

Divine right of kings

the belief that God gives monarchs the right to rule


a person of high rank by birth or title


a system of organizing people into ranks, with those of higher rank having more power and privileges


the medieval knight's code of ideal behavior, including bravery, loyalty, and respect for women


the Christian belief in everlasting life with God after being forgiven of sins

Bubonic plague

a deadly contagious disease also called the Black Death with was caused by bacteria and spread by fleas

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