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Pardot Engagement Studio Flashcards

Triggers listen for prospect actions, and let you to define paths based on those prospect actions.
What are triggers?
Actions are things that Pardot can do in Engagement Programs.
What are actions?
Rules let you to define paths based on prospect criteria.
What are rules?
1. the logic driving your program
2. Your audience
What 2 items do you have to have ready before creating an Engagement Program?
The Activity tab of an Engagement Program shows the program's history, including pauses, starts, the user responsible for any changes, and version details such as name and comments.
How can you view the Engagement Program's history?
There is no SAVE button. Changes are saved automatically.
How do you save your changes in the Engagement Studio?
If you edit a step upon which there are prospects are with a Waiting status, the prospects will have the edited trigger, action, or rule applied to them once they move through the step
What happens if you edit a Engagement Program that already has prospects in it?
FALSE: Email open is an example of a trigger
TRUE or FALSE: Email open is an example of an action?
TRUE or FALSE: File download is an example of a trigger?
FALSE: Notify user is an example of a action
TRUE or FALSE: Notify user is an example of a rule
They will resume where they left off.
What happens if a prospect is removed from the program then re-added?
The prospect will stop moving through that program.
What happens if you're using a dynamic list and the prospect is removed from the list?
Prospects can be added to a running Engagement Program, regardless of what step the other prospects have reached. Every time a new prospect is added to the Engagement Program's recipient list, they will start at the beginning.
TRUE or FALSE: Prospects can not be added to an Engagement Program once it's running?
Open your Engagement Program and click "Pause"
How can you stop an Engagement Program?
A prospect will only receive emails that you add after their current program step. The system will not retroactively send new emails to prospects who are already farther along in the program.
What happens if you add new emails to the Engagement Program?
Up to 20 Engagement Programs
How many Engagement Programs can be running at one time?
Your account administrator can change your account setting to Drip/Engagement Programs: Allow email templates to be sent more than once to the same prospect.
How do you ensure a prospect only receives an email template once?
Tooltips at each step show how many prospects have passed through that step in the program. Click the step for real-time information about how many prospects are currently waiting.
How can you view the number of prospects who have completed a certain step in a Program?
The wait period occurs before the action.
If you add a wait period before an action, does the wait happen before or after the action?
To test and view the steps of your Engagement Program
What is the purpose of the 'test log'?
When you have more than 1 Engagement Program running and a prospect should only be in one Engagement Program at a time.
When would you use a suppression list?
To notify the person who set up the Engagement Program and the Pardot admin that there has been no activity in the past 30 days.
What is the purpose of the Monthly Inactive Automations Report email?
The program becomes locked and no one else can make changes until the user closes it.
What happens when you try to make changes to an Engagement Program when someone else is working on it?
Once the program is restarted, the prospect will finish the remaining 3 days of the wait before moving to the next step.
A prospect is on day 1 of a 4-day wait in a step, and the Engagement Program is paused for 5 days once the program is un-pause, what will happen to that prospect?
It is possible for them to receive the same email template as another prospect with that email address.
What happens if you have multiple prospects with the same email address in different Engagement Programs?