21 terms

5th Grade Ch 1 & Ch 2

God the Son(2nd Person) became man. (Jesus is true God and True Man)
a prayer of what we believe as Catholics
Mystery of faith
A truth from Jesus that we cannot be understood, only believed
Someone who has a mind and will (humans, angels, God)
Each person of the Trinity is God. (Latin for one substance with)
What is the Trinity
3 persons in one God
who are the members of the trinity
1) God the Father 2) God the Son 3) God the Holy Spirit
What is a communion of persons?
2 or more person in a loving union.
Know the Nicene Creed
Memorize for test in a few weeks
1st book of the bible
What book is the creation story in?
make something out of nothing
Physical world
Everything we can experience with our 5 senses (or scientific instruments)
Spiritual world
A higher world of spirits that you cannot sense that includes God and his angles.
someone taking care of someone else's stuff. (We take care of the Earth which belongs to God)
without any limit
cannot die (mortal combat = deadly combat)
The Bible is divided into
Old Testament and New Testament
Why can't spirits die?
The have no parts. (You need parts to die)
What does it mean to say God is perfect?
He is the best possible!
God is all ____, _________, _________
God is All Powerful, all knowing, all loving