17 terms

5th Grade Ch 6 & Ch 7 & Ch 8

Why did God give us the Ten Commandments?
To teach us how to act, so we can be happy here on earth and live with Him someday in Heaven.
principles or standards we live by
What are the two ways in which you are unique?
you are the only persons with your body; and each of us has unique talents and gifts.
Why are our bodies good?
They are part of who we are. They are made by God
having to do with God
Original Sin:
1st sin committed by Adam and Eve. We inherit Original Sin are conceived and born without grace,
free gift from God in which He shares His divine life and friendship with us
to save
Who is Jesus?
The second Person of the Blessed Trinity, who became man.
Why did God the Son become man?
To die for us to save us from sin and 2) to teach us how to live
Free choosing to help someone and do good for them
What is Mercy?
helping someone who is suffering
someone who gives witness to the truth about God
What does it mean to say Jesus is a Prophet
He teaches us about God the Father
What does it mean to say Jesus is a Priest
He offered himself on the Cross as a sacrifice to save us from Sin
What does it mean to say Jesus is a King
Jesus is King of Jerusalem and King of the world
Why did God have mercy on us and and save.
His love