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myth by Clive Grace

Name of the author

Clive Grace

the author's most popular character

Tanais the fox

name of Coyote Woman's husband

Moon Coyote

This kills Moon Coyote


Coyote Woman's favorite place

Medicine Cove

Medicine Woman

The job of Coyote Woman

At what time of day does Tanais tell his story?


To whom does Tanais tell his story?

the moon

What does Tanais do as he tells the story?

He draws pictures in the sand with a stick he found.

How does Coyote Woman first meet the Moon Spirit?

He rises from the water in the cove one night, taking the form of a coyote.

How does Coyote Woman try to help her injured husband?

She uses her medicines to try and save his life and to relieve his pain. Lastly, she immerses or puts him into the pool of water in Medicine Cove.

What happens in the heavens the night the two coyotes die?

A bright new star, or two joined stars, appear beside the moon.

What does Tanais fail to notice in the pool as he leaves?

He doesn't see the pair of coyotes in the water that are watching him.

How would you describe Tanais's mood as he begins to tell the story?


What kind of mood or feeling does the setting of Tanais's story- a rocky cove at midnight- create?


What are two examples of the importance of magic in the plot of this myth?

Possible answers: Magic allows Moon Coyote to have form; magic allows Moon Coyote and Coyote Woman to be together as spirits in death.

In what ways is this myth like a fable?

It involves animal characters who think and act as humans do. It is set in ancient times and deals with supernatural incidents.

How are the animal characters in this myth like people?

They talk, fall in love and get married, and use their skills and knowledge to heal others.

What is one detail that is common to both the framing and the inner stories?

The rocky cove

Why does Coyote Woman bring her dying husband to Medicine Cove?

The magic found in Medicine Cove gave him the form of a coyote once, she hopes it will restore him to life (save him).

Why do you think Coyote Woman drowned?

She didn't notice the water level rising in the cove because she was filled with so much grief over her dead husband. - other possible answers


one who tells a story


a second story told within another story

Who is the narrator of the first story?

The author, Clive Grace

Who is the narrator of the 2nd story (story-within-a-story)?

Tanais the fox

How would you describe Tanais?

He is a lonely fox who likes to find a quiet place to think. He likes to take walks along the shoreline while puffing on his pipe. He likes to tell stories. He uses a stick to help tell his story to the moon. He draws the characters or different parts of the story in the sand.

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