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process by which molecules spread from an area of greater concentration to less concentration

Concentration Gradient

differences in concentration of a substance across space


state that exists when concentration of a substance is the same throughout space

when is an object permeable to a membrane?

if the substance can move across it

can all molecules diffuse across a membrane?

no depends on size and shape


process by which molecules spread from an area of greater concentration to less concentration in water


substance that dissolves in solution


concentration of solute molecules outside cell is lower than concentration inside


concentration of solute molecules outside cell is higher than concentration inside


molecules diffuse in and out at equal rates

Turgor Pressure

pressure that h2o molecules exert against cell wall


when cells shrink away from cell walls-turgor pressure is lost


bursting of cells


process by which cells ingest cyternal fluid and large particles


transport of fluids


movement of large particles

Active Transport

Cells must move materials up their concentration gradient

Sodium-Potassium Pump

Carrier proteins transport Na+ ions and Kt ions up their concentration gradient

Carrier Proteins

binds to the molecules it transports.

Facilitated Diffusion

molecules that cannot diffuse rapidly through cell membranes even when there is a concentration gradient-molecules are assisted by carrier proteins

Metabolic Rate

amount of energy used in certain period


substance that dissolves another to make a solution

Does temperature effect diffusion?

Yes, warmer it is the faster diffusion takes place

Semipermeable Membrane

a pliable tissue which allows some materials to pass but stops others


describes how rigid plant cells are due to pressure of water they contain

Thermal Equilibrium

two substances in physical contact with each other exchange no heat

Dynamic Equilibrium

constant action but the result in the action has no change

Basil Metabolic Rate

resting rate


process by which material is exported from a cell


various compounds composed of fatty acids and phosphoric acid and a nitrogenous base

ion channel

passageways through cell membrane

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