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Oedipus Rex Review B


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Explain why Teiresias does not want to tell Oedipus who Laius' murderer is.
This knowledge will hurt Oedipus.
What terrible thing does Oedipus accuse Tiresias of doing?
Plotting to murder the king.
Goaded into anger by Oedipus, what does Teiresias finally tell him?
The truth.
The truth revealed to Oedipus, what does Tiresias predict for him?
Oedipus will become poor, homeless, godless, and blind.
How does Oedipus try to discredit Tiresias?
Oedipus asks why, if Tiresias is such a gifted seer, was he unable to solve the riddle of the Sphinx.
In what ways is Oedipus blind according to Teiresias?
Although he can physically see, he is blind to the situation.
What does Teiresias mean when he predicts, "This very day will sire you and destroy you?"
Oedipus is going to learn who his father is.
According to the chorus, why will they not condemn Oedipus after Teiresias accuses hm of being the murderer?
Because the city is full of rumors and they need proof before they can accuse anyone of the actions.
Why doesn't Creon want to be king (and thus would not have plotted against Oedipus) ?
Creon says he doesn't want to be king because he does not want the stress or fear of being king when he can have all the same power and the same standing without all the duties of being king.
Why is Creon so furious with Oedipus?
Because Oedipus has accused him of plotting against the king and trying to steal his crown.
In what ways does Creon's behavior contrast from Oedipus'?
Creon is calm and reasonable. Oedipus is rash and stubborn.
Explain the irony of Oedipus calling himself wise.
Oedipus knows the least about the situation of everyone, including the audience.
What is Jocasta's opinion of prophesies? On what does she base this opinion?
She has no faith in them. She beieves that a prophesy she and her first husband received did not come true.
What is significant about Jocasta's account of Laius prophesy and death?
The place of Laius' murder—the junction of three roads—sparks Oedipus' interest. Probably he is connecting Laius' murder spot with where he killed the stranger.
After questioning Jocasta about the details of Laius' death, what does Oedipus
Up to this point he has denied killing Laius; now he begins to believe that he may have.
What happened to the servant who survived the attack on Laius?
When he saw that Oedipus became king, he asked Jocasta to send him from the city to tend flocks.
What does Oedipus relate about his past to explain his fears that he murdered Laius?
A drunken man told him that his parents in Corinth were not really his parents. Oedipus was suspicious and went to the shrine at Delphi. There the god told him that he would murder his father and marry his mother. After hearing the dreadful prophecy, Oedipus fled Corinth to avoid this evil. Before he arrived at Thebes, he did kill a man where the three highways came together.
Why did Oedipus kill the man at the crossroads?
Oedipus was angry at him because he pushed Oedipus off the road.
What is ironically similar about the reasons Laius attempted to kill his child, and Oedipus fled to Corinth?
They each thought they could use their free will to escape fate.
How will Oedipus determine whether he was the man who killed Laius?
Oedipus will send for the one survivor who was with Laius the day the king was killed. If this survivor says that several men were responsible, then Oedipus will know he is innocent, because he was alone when he murdered the man at the crossroads.