GEO 204 chapter 2


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Why is the term Middle America more accurate for this region than Latin America?
Unlike South America, middle America is a multilingual patchwork of independent states, territories in political transition, and residual colonial dependencies, with strong continuing ties to the US and non-Iberian Europe
The 1,969-mile land border is the longest in the world to separate a
rich realm from a poor one (North America and Middle America)
What are maquiladoras?
Modern industrial plants in Mexico's U.S. border zone. They assemble imported components and or raw materials and then export finished manufactures to the U.S.A.
What is a "land bridge"?
An Isthmian link between continents
Which 4 island comprise the Greater Antilles?
Cuba, Hispaniola (Haiti and the Dominican Republic), Puerto Rico, and Jamaica
The Atlantic/Caribbean hurricane season is from
June 1 to Dec 1+E?
What is altitudinal zonation? p. 66 and Fig. 2-4
The zone, distinct local climates, soil, vegetation, crops, domestic animals, and modes of life prevail.
What are the 3 causes of tropical deforestation?
The need to clear rural lands for cattle pasture
Rapid logging of tropical woodlands as the timber industry increasingly turns from the exhausted forests of the midlatitudes to harvest the rich tree resources of the equatorial zones
Region's population explosion
The internal focus of each Spanish town was the central
plaza or market square, around which both the local church and government buildings were located.
Who were the 4 major colonizers of the Caribbean about 1800 AD
British, French, Spanish, and Dutch
What are 5 economic realities of the small island economies?
limited area, small population, insularity, relative accessibility, and low connectivity
The largest ('the waist') concertation people extend from the state of _____ to the state of _______
Veracruz Jalisco
Today about 79% of Mexico's population reside in______ and ______
towns cities
About 62% of all Mexicans are
What is an ejido?
Communally owned farms of 20 or more families
The 3 poorest states of Mexico are
Chiapas, Oaxaca, Guerrero
Where are the 3 states that have the highest incomes located?
Nuevo Leon, Chihuahua, and Baja California
The global diversity hotspot is located in the countries of
Costa Rica and Panama
Why is the narcotics trade so prevalent in the Central American countries?
Because of the region's endemic poverty and severely limited economic opportunities
Which Central American country has the largest population?
What are the 2 main languages of Belize?
English, Creole
About 90% of the people of Honduras are considered
El Salvador is the region's most
densely packed.
A Chinese company plans to do what in Nicaragua?
Plan and build a canal capable of accommodating ships twice the new maximum size of Panama's
What is the most densely settled region of Costa Rica?
Central highland zone
What are the two languages used in Panama?
Spanish and English
Why is social stratification so prevalent in the Caribbean Islands?
Class structures tend to be closely associated to ethnicity
About 90% of the Caribbean population lives in the
Greater Antilles
Cuba has the largest_______ and the largest_______ of any Caribbean country.
territory population
Jamaica has an almost entirely
Afro-Caribbean population
The poorest country in the western Hemisphere is
What 3 mineral resources are exported from Dominican Republic?
Are Puerto Ricans US citizens?
Yes but they don't pay federal taxes on local incomes
Which Lesser Antilles country is looking to be a future economic tiger?
Trinidad and Tobago