25 terms

The Pearl By John Steinbeck

Created by MiKa Freeman
Where is The Pearl set?
What stings Coyotito?
A scorpion
With what does Kino offer to pay the doctor?
Eight small pearls
How does Kino react when the doctor snubs him?
He strikes the front gate with his fists, bloodying his knuckles
What does Juana use as a poultice for Coyotito's wound?
How did Kino acquire his canoe?
He inherited it
For what does Juana pray when she is in the canoe?
A big pearl
What is on the list of things Kino plans to buy with his newfound wealth?
An education for Coyotito, A rifle, and A proper marriage in a church
How does the doctor treat Coyotito's scorpion wound?
With a capsule filled with powder
Where does Kino hide the pearl during the night?
Beneath his sleeping mat
What is the name of the town where Kino first attempts to sell his pearl?
La Paz
What is the first pearl dealer's nervous habit?
He manipulates a coin in his hands
What is the best offer Kino gets for his pearl?
os1,500 pes
What reason does the dealer give for not liking Kino's pearl?
It is too large
How does Kino decide to make money when he realizes that the local pearl dealers are lowballing him?
By traveling to the capital to sell his pearl
What does Juana propose to do with the pearl?
Throw it back into the sea
How does Kino react when Juana attempts to steal the pearl from him?
He punches her in the head and then kicks her
Why must Kino and his family flee from their neighborhood?
Because Kino kills a man
Where do Kino and Juana first take refuge after their house burns down?
At Juan Tomás's house
Where do Kino and Juana flee to escape the trackers?
Up the mountain
What does Kino do to conceal himself from the trackers?
He strips naked
For what do the trackers mistake Coyotito's cry?
A coyote's cry
How does Kino rid himself of the trackers?
He kills them
How does Coyotito die?
He is shot
What does Kino do with the pearl at the novella's end?
He throws it back into the sea