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Inchon Port

Location of large UN invasion behind North Korean lines that was one of turning points in korean war

Yalu River

This river was the dividing line between China and North Korea


Asian country USSR forced to withdraw from by UN in 1946

4 Russian "satellites"

Czech, Romania, Bulgaria, Poland

The First two nations to benefit from the Truman Doctrine

Turkey, Greece

Bikini Atoll

Site of US atomic bomb test


Commander of UN forces


Dictator of South Korea

Democratic People Republic Korea

The official name of North Korea

Republic of Korea

The official name of South Korea

Kim il Sung

Dictator of North Korea

38th Parallel

The dividing line between North and South Korea


He replaced MacArthur


This North Korean capital was completely destroyed by American Bombers


The 1st secretary of Defense-fired by Truman-later committed suicide


Author of huge aid plan for post-war Europe

The Rosenburgs

Husband and wife executed for treason in 1950's


Caffeine addicted commander of American forces in Germany after WWII


Russian foreign minister whose nickname "Mr. No" was earned by his refusal to accept Marshall Plan aid


State department employee accused of selling secrets to Soviets but only convicted of perjury


The leader of East germany from 1949 to 1971


State Department official in Moscow whose "Long Telegram" to Washington was basis of American foreign policy during Cold War


German Democratic Republic


His election as Mayor of Berlin further split the city and was another reason for the Soviet blockade of the city

Warsaw Pact

Military organization of Eastern European nations and the USSR

Comin Form

Soviet Propaganda agency operating in both satellites and Western European countries with large communist parties


Future president who achieved fame leading investigation of Alger Hiss


His leadership was responsible for making the Berlin airlift work

Berlin, June 24, 1948

Begginning of Berlin blockade


German city and site of acrimonious peace conference after Germany defeated-created Allied Control Council

38th Parallel, June 25, 1950

North Korea invasion of South korea

China, 1949

China becomes communist

Panmunjon, 1950-53

Peace times talk in korea

Siberia, July 14, 1949

Soviet atomic bomb test

Fulton, Missouri, March 5, 1946

Declaration of Iron curtain speech


Name of foreign policy followed by US toward soviet union during cold war


Military organization of Western European nations and the US

Christian Democrats

The party that benefited the most from first covert operations of CIA in Italy in 1947


Name of economic organization formed by Soviets in response to their rejection of Marshall Plan aid


Prison Labor system created by Stalin for political prisoners in post WWII USSR


The House Committee on Un-American Activities

Missouri Mule

To Greek farmers, one of the most important benefits of Marshall Plan aid


Wisconsin senator who led witch hunt against "suspected" communists in American government in early 50's


Island to which Jiang Jieshi fled in 1949


Communist leader of Yugoslavia that broke away from Soviet control


The new currency established by the West in Berlin, which precipitated a economic crisis that led to the blockade

CIA, National Security Council, and Department of Defense

The 3 organizations created by the National Security Act passed by Congress on July 26, 1947

Christian Democrats

Name of political party in Italy that was the chief beneficiary of first CIA covert aid

Treist in Adriatic to the streta in the baltic

The two endpoints of Churchill's Iron Curtain


The biggest long term significance of the first Arab-Israeli war.


Easter European country w/o whose aid Israel couldn't have won the first Arab-Israeli War


The Acceptable and unacceptable faces of Zionism in Palestine

Areas attacked by Zionists

Deir Yassin and King David Hotel


Name of Jewish militia that fought against British, Palestinian and later Arab forces


Jewish refuge boat, that was refused to enter palestine

Irgun; Stern Gang

Jewish terrorist organizations


The leader of the Muslim league and the first President of Pakistan


The leader of the Congress Party and the first PM of an independent India


Despite its Muslim majority, most of this territory in NW India was annexed into India


East Pakistan became this country in the early 1970's

Direct Action Day

Day of Muslim protest

Mount Battan

The last british viceroy in India


After Hindus and Muslims, the next largest religious group in India

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