Origin, Insertion, and Action of Cranial Muscles

a; trapezius e or h?
extension, rotation, and lateral flexion of head, hypaxial
o; capitis extensor group
cervical and thoracic vertebrae
i; capitis extensor group
occipital region of skull
a; capitis extensor group e or h?
extension, lateral flexion, and rotation of head, epaxial
o; sternocleidomastoid
manubrium and medial third of clavicle
i; sternocleidomastoid
mastoid process
a; sternocleidomastoid
flexion, lateral flexion, and rotation of head
o; temporalis
temporal fossa
coronoid process
a; temporalis
elevation of mandible
o; masseter
zygomatic arch
i; masseter
lateral ramus and mandible angle
a; masseter
attachment pterygoideus and action
sphenoid and mandible, gliding jaw
medial to mastoid process, hyoid
i; digastricus
mandibular symphysis
a; digastricus
depression of mandible
antagonist of digastricus
masseter and temporalis
a; frontalis
wrinkle forehead
a; occipitalis
draws scalp back
a; orbicularis oris
close mouth, pucker lips
a; orbicularis oculi
close eyes, blink, wink
a; risorius
a; zygomaticus
lifts upper lip
a; platysma