5th - The Cay Final Exam Study Questions

Where does the story take place?
on an island named Curacao
Where is Curacao located?
off of the coast of Venezuela
What does Phillip's father do for a living?
He works at an oil refinery to increase the produciton of aviation gas.
Why does Phillip's mother want him to stay near the house?
There is a war going on and it is not safe; she is worried about something happening to Phillip.
What did Phillip take out of the tool house and why?
He gets the hatchet to protect them from the Germans.
how did Phillip feel about leaving the island?
He was sadd about it because he loved the island & he didn't want to leave.
What form of transporatation did Phillip and his mother use to leave the island?
They took a boat, the S.S. Hato because his mother was afraid of flying.
What made Phillip realize that war was not exciting, but meant "death and destruction"?
The empire Tern was bombed while they were near the dock.
Why do Phillip and his mother end up in the water?
The S.S. Hato was torpedoed.
What happened to Phillip for 4 hours?
He passed out from being hit on the head.
How did Phillip first describe Timothy?
Phillip thought that Timothy was ugly, had a flat nose, a broad face and a mass of gray hair.
What was Timothy's warning to Phillip?
Don't look directly at the sun.
Who was the 3rd passenger on the boat?
Stew Cat
How did Phillip first feel about Timothy?
He was angry with him and thought he was different.
Where does Phillip think Timothy is from?
About how old was Phillip?
What serious thing happens to Phillip while he is on the raft?
He goes blind and he has a horrible headache.
What did Timothy make and do to try and attract the plane?
He made a torch out of cloth & waved it and yelled at the plane to look at them.
Desecribe how Timothy felt about Stew Cat?
He thought that Stew Cat was bad luck, not good luck.
What does Timothy do to help Phillip?
He describes the sky and sea and becomes his eyes.
What did Timothy see when Phillip fell off the raft?
Why did Phillip not want to go to the island?
There were no people, no water, and no food. He thought that it would be worse than the raft.
Phillip didn't think there was anyone on the earth as _______as Timothy.
what is a langosta?
native lobster
What are two things that scare Phillip on the island?
He was scared when Timothy left him alone and when Stew Cat left him alone to wander around the island.
Wehre does Timothy think they could be?
Devil's Mouth, which is bad news because there was coral around the island and boats can't get near the island.
What did Timothy build?
a hut
What is one way they are going to try to be found?
They spelled out "HELP" with rocks, but Timothy didn't know how to spell it; Phillip had to tell him.
What did Timothy ask Phillip to do that Phillip didn't want to do?
Work on the mats.
What happened to Phillip that caused him to change?
Timothy slapped him because Phillip was rude to him.
What does Phillip ask Timothy after he was rude to Timothy?
He asks Timothy to be his friend, and Timothy replied, "you've always been my friend."
Why did Phillip like the rain?
He could hear and feel it.
What did Timothy hope Phillip would have the courage to do?
Climb the tree to get coconuts
Why did timothy put Stew Cat ont he raft for a while?
Timothy made a wooden Stew Cat and he wanted to get rid of the "jumbi" or bad luck.
What belieft led Timothy to think Stew Cat was bad luck?
why was Phillip scared about Timothy making him do things for himself?
He was afraid that timothy was going to die and leave him on his own.
What happened to timothy in this chapte?
he got malaria
What did Phillip do to try and help Timothy?
He put wet rags on his head and pulled him out of the water.
What was another thing that Timothy taught Philip to do?
to fish
What was Phillip learning to use instead of his eyes?
to touch and feel
What did Phillip finally get the nerve to do?
to climb the palm tree to get the coconuts.
What did Timothy and Phillip head that sounded like a gun shot?
It was thunder from a hurricane that was headed toward the island.
What did Phillip learn everyday?
something new
What was it htat Phillip thought would be unbearable?
to lose Timothy
What did Timothy and Phillip do during the storm?
timothy tied Phillip to the tree, then tied himself behind Phillip, so Phillip would be protected from the storm.
What happend to Timothy?
He died from the abuse of the hurricane.
Where did Philip put the knife?
He put the knife in the tree because he realized that everything has to have an exact place for him to be able to find it.
why did the bird attack Phillip?
He had stepped in their nest.
How long had it been since the hurricane?
Phillip put pebbles in the can - it had been ten days.
What did Phillip think it was that bit him?
a moray eel
What does PHillip realize about their smoke and what does he do about it?
the smoke was white, so it needed sea grap with oils in the leaves to make the smoke black, so it would show up against the sky.
What happens to discorage Phillip?
The plane flew over, and then it left.
What one thing does Phillip not want to leave on the island?
Timothy's knife
What happens to Phillip's vision?
after 3 operations, he gets his sight back, but he has to wear glasses.
What does Phillip plan to do someday?
He wants to go back to the island.