12 terms

Gatsby chapter 6

James gatz
what is gatsby's real name?
he didn't like it
why did gatsby change his name?
how old was gatsby when he changed his name?
taught him how to act and be rich
how was Dan Cody involved in shaping Gatsby into the man he is now?
his wife found a legal loop hole
why does Gatsby not getter money that Cody left for him?
won't give out all information to keep the audience suspenseful
for why reason do you think Fitzgerald interrupted Gatsby's story for the visit from the horseback?
he thinks everyone likes him and he's important
why doesn't Gatsby understand that he isn't really welcomed?
to keep an eye out for daisy
why does Tom attend Gatsby's party?
he uses the party to cheat and he's already cheating
whst is ironic about Tom attending Gatsby's party?
makes it awkward
how does tom's presence affect the atmosphere of the party?
leave Tom and go back home with Gatsby and act like the last 5 years never happened
what does Gatsby want daisy to do?
you cannot repeat the past
what is nick's response to Gatsby's want?